第二冊•Volume 2

宣化老和尚追思紀念專集 In Memory of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

In Memory of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

宣化老和尚 The Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

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A Road of Hardship

A Recollection of My Causes and Conditions with the Venerable Yun / By Shi To Lun

The Mind Lamp of the Buddhas and Patriarchs / Editorial Department

The Life and Deeds of Venerable Master Hua / By Shi Heng Tung

The Flower Adornment State / By Cecilia (Guojie) Chen

Fasting and Praying / By Stella Tam

Transformation of a Bodhisattva, Footsteps of an Ascetic Monk / Compiled by Shi Hengchi

Details of the Early History of Dharma Realm Buddhist Association / By Magdalena Tam, Heng Tso

History of Instilling Goodness and Developing Virtue Schools / By Terri Nicholson

Cixing Chan Monastery in Hong Kong / By Zheng Hui

The Venerable Master's Amitabha Buddha Image / Editorial Department

The Dharma Realm Buddhist Books Distribution Association in Taiwan / Compiled by the Dharma Realm Buddhist Books Distribution Association in Taiwan



News from the Dharma Realm

The Eulogy of the Ceremony for Passing Offerings / Editorial Department

The Ceremony of Sealing the Casket and Speaking the Dharma / Editorial Department

The Ceremony of Lighting the Fire for Cremation and Speaking the Dharma / Editorial Department

Conclusion of the Forty-nine-day Memorial Nirvana Ceremony at Long Beach Sagely Monastery / By Lin Xuchen

The Memorial and Cremation Ceremonies / By Zhao Sha

The Ritual of Scattering the Ashes / By Tong Xinci

Viewing the Sharira / By Gong Tongzuo

Evaluations of the Memorial Ceremony / By Yvonne Chen

Letters in Memoriam



Rain of Sweet Dew /by the Venerable Master Hua

The Five Great Religions Penetrate and Fuse with One Another

The Way

Zero: The Great Bright Store of Your Own Nature

When the Foundation Is Established, the Way Comes Forth

The Basis for Being a Human Being Is Filiality

One with Virtue Can Rule the World

True Science Is Just Buddhism

The Buddhadharma Is Ordinary and Honest

Our Heart Cannot Be Unhappy for a Single Day

For Hundreds of Thousands of Years, the Stew in the Pot Has Boiled up a Resentment Very Hard to Level

What Are Proper Knowledge and Proper Views?

Though I've Left the Home-Life, I Haven't Forgotten My Heart's Allegiance



The Moon Reflected in a Thousand Rivers

Praying that the Venerable Elder Hsuan Hua Will Soon Come Back Riding on His Vows / By Shi Mingyang

Never Apart from the Venerable Master's Teaching / A talk by Elder Dharma Master Mingyang on July 26, 1995 at the Sagely City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Diligently Uphold the Pure Precepts; Compassionately Take Living Beings Across / A talk by Venerable Ajahn Sumedho on July 27, 1995 at the Sagely City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

His Light Shines upon the World and He Is a Place of Refuge / Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda JSM, D.Litt. Malaysia

A Big Star Has Fallen / A talk by Venerable Bhante Dharmawara during the Memorial Ceremony for the Venerable Master Hua on July 28, 1995 at the Sagely City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

A Praise for the Venerable Master Hua's Nirvana / By Zhao Puchu joins his palms in respect The Buddhist Association of China

May the Friendship between Chinese and American Buddhism Last Forever -In Mournful Remembrance of the Venerable Master Hua / By Shi Zhenchan

A Mahasattva Takes Care of Himself / By Gao Guozong

In Memory of Elder Master To Lun / By Shi Zhiding

My Conditions with the Venerable Master Hua / By Shi Kaizheng

In Eternal Remembrance / Respectfully submitted by Abbotess Shi Yanjun and the fourfold assembly of disciples of Guangxin (Vast Mind) Buddhist Convent, City of Yingkou, Liaoning Province

Respectfully Requesting the Venerable Master to Come Back Riding on His Vows / By C. T. Shen

The Master Is Just Like the Sun / By Shi Guo Ying

What Did the Venerable Master Teach Us? / By Snjezana Akpinar, Chancellor of the Dharma Realm Buddhist University

The Venerable Master's Views on Education / A talk given by Paicho Ho, Asian Chancellor of Dharma Realm Buddhist University

Mourning My Grand-Uncle, the Venerable Master / By Bai Mingzhi

In Memory of the Venerable Master Hua / By Wang Jinping, Vice-director of the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China

The Venerable Master Hua As I Knew Him / By Li Weiguo, Member of the Board of Trustees, Jining College, Shandong Province

The Elder Dharma Master's Friendship with an Ordinary Person / By Professor Cheng Xi

A Bosom Friend for Three Years / The dull old man from Li County, Jinquiao, Yang Fusen

In Memory of Our Teacher, the Venerable Master / Disciples Guo Qing, Guo Ling, and others bow sincerely in Tianjing, People's Republic of China

Six Years of Studying / By Shi Hua Lai

Insights from a Chan Story / By Pan Zhihong

The Master's Literary Works Convey the Truth / A talk by Dharma Master Heng Sure on July 27, 1995 at the Sagely City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

In Gratitude to Our Teacher's Kindness / By Sam Jing

The Most Treasured Teaching / By Su Meiyue

This Illusory Life / By Tian Jixun

A Master Who Answers All Prayers / By Shi Hengle

Praying that the Venerable Master Will Return on His Vows / By Lai Qiugui

How My Entire Life Was Changed / By Shi Heng Tso

Grateful for the Venerable Master's Teaching / By Shi Heng Yin

Dream Revelation/ By Zhuang Chunlian

Untitled / By Guo Heng

Face to Face with a Great Bodhisattva and Not Recognizing Him / By Chen Guomei

The Venerable Master Compassionately Saved Me / By Li Guoji

Protecting the Dharma Jewel / By Barbara Dorney Waugh (Kuo Hsu)

Roaming Playfully in the World / By Constant Repentance

Caring for My Parents and the Parents of Others / By Shi Hengjin

I Make These Vows / By Shi Guocheng

A Disciple Remembers / By Loni Baur

Transforming Grief into Strength / By Zhuang Guojiang

Distant Memories from the Buddhist Lecture Hall / By Tim Testu (Kuo Yu)

His Exemplary Style Will Remain Forever / By Chen Guoxiong

A Response from Repentance / By Shi Heng Jun

The Opportunity for Awakening / By Tam Chu Bui

The More You Gaze up at Him, the Higher He Becomes / By Shi Heng Hsien

A Guiding Master of Humans and Gods / By Dharma Brilliance

Small Remembrances / By Theresa Tsai (Chang Guoqian)

A Dream / Shi Heng Ji 文

Doing the Buddha's Work in the World / By Qianji

Revelations of the Buddhadharma / By Bai Jingxue

Verse in Praise of the Illumining Lamp / By Guo Jue

His Blessings Nurtured Humans and Gods / By Lin Guoben

I Don't Have the Slightest Speck of Desire / By Shi Heng Shun

The Venerable Master-A Great Physician King / By Li Guoying

Renouncing His Life to Do the Buddha's Work / By Stella Tam

Bestowing Dharma Joy Upon Living Beings / By Chu Guolian

The Venerable Master Knows the Mind of Every Single Person
/ By Shi Heng Gu

Whether or Not the Venerable Master Is Here, It's All the Same
/ By Shi Heng Bu

Practice Vigorously to Repay the Master's Kindness / By Shi Heng Hsia

Our First Priority: Preserving the Proper Dharma in the World / By Christine Lee

Life with the Master / By Richard Josephson (Guo Hang)

I Always Pick Up What Others Don't Want / By Shi Heng Ju

Every Phenomenon Comes into Being and Changes in its Own Natural Way / By Lo Guoying

How I Met the Venerable Master and Some of the Responses I've Experienced / By Goh Kahkeng

Selflessly and Fearlessly Protecting and Upholding the Proper Dharma / By Shi Heng Feng

The Master Is Still Alive / By Sandra Miner (Kuo Yi)

I Only Hope to Create New Affinities in the Next Life / By Shi Heng Gang

As Kind as a Parent / By Huang Linyingzi (Erlina Hajardi)

My Experience in Studying the Buddhadharma / By Wang Guo Yi

"Guoneng, You've Come Late!" / By Shi Heng Nai

No One Could Ever Finish Praising the Virtues of the Buddha / By Shi Heng Ri

Three Songs about the Venerable Master / By Janice Vickers Storss (Guo Jin)

Yearning for Twenty Years, Missing by Twenty Days / By Xu Dai

The Gate Leading to the Way-The Practice of Patience / By Ku Dao Ren

When Confused, We Need a Teacher to Rescue Us / By Agis Gan

My Experiences with the Venerable Master / By Susan Mechling

I Have Gone in Silence / By Wu Yaohong

Practicing with a Compassionate Mind; Fulfilling Living Beings' Vows / By Chiou-Sheng Yang

Being Helped by Others Is Not as Good As Helping Oneself / By Shi Heng Yo

How the Swan Came and the Lotuses Bloomed / By Wen-I Chang

The Venerable Master Has Not Left Us / By Xu Lilin

Forgetting Himself to Save the Multitudes / By Lin Guoming

Following the Venerable Master / By Guo Qiu

Try Your Best! / By Wang Guosu

In Grief and Remembrance / By A Buddhist from Seattle

The Venerable Master Saved My Life! / By Interviewed by Chen Guopu

He Was True in Every Way / By Sarah Babcock

Remembrance and Gratitude / By Ocean Epstein (Guo Han)

In Gratitude and Reminiscence of My Master / By Kong Guocheng

The Master -A Personal Friend / Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N., Professor Emerita of Nursing, New York University

Everything Is a Test / By Shi Heng Jian

My Close Encounter with a Benevolent Sage / By Sy Piac Hua

The Bodhisattva Is a Clear and Cool Moon Constantly Travelling in Ultimate Space / By Shi Heng Mao

Compassionately Hoping for a Turnaround of the Mind / By Chen Yuman

Written after the Venerable Master Completed the Stillness / By Li Guohong

Why Do You Want to Go to Heaven? / By Shi Guohe

He Left No Traces, But a Teaching that Will Last for Ten Thousand Generations / By Lin Hantang

Bringing forth the Bodhi Resolve / By Mee Win Chang

A Fortunate Choice / By Shi Guorong

Advancing towards the Great Bodhi Way / By Su Guosheng 文

The Master's Gift to Us / By Frederick Klarer (Kuo Hu)

The Venerable Master's Magnificent Transmission of a Cure / By Sy Piac Hua

Eternal Gratitude / By Luo Guoxuan

On the Nirvana of Our Kind Teacher, the Venerable Master Hua / By Zhang Guomei

The Bodhisattva's Compassion / By Shi Heng Shou

The Six Guiding Principles: Easy to Believe but Difficult to Practice / By Peter Schmitz

Never Give Up / By Christine Lee

In Remembrance of Our Kind Master / By Shi Hengxiao

Commemorative Essay / By Martin Verhoeven (Kuo Ting)

I Will Remember You Smiling / By Brian Conroy (Guo Kang)

The Venerable Master Hears and Responds / By Wang Guo Aun

A Few Recollections of the Venerable Master Hua / By Wei Guoshi

A Hundred Million Transformation Bodies / By Zhan Guohua

Scenes from Dreams / Xiao Youxiang

The Myriad Dharmas Are Made from the Mind Alone / By Xu Shuqing

I Am Only Able to Help Those People in Real Need / By Jerri-Jo Idarius

The Venerable Master's Fourteenth Vow / By Rosaline Kang

The Venerable Master Hua, Who Stirred My Heart / By You Guozhen

A True Story / By Una Irons

Bringing forth the Resolve for the Unsurpassed Way / By Shi Heng Cheng

Investigating Chan and Seeing the Buddha / By Sun Dongbo

My Boundless Sorrow / Liu Nengjian

My Compassionate Teacher, the Venerable Master / By Leong Soo Hoong

Guanshiyin Bodhisattva Helped Me to See the Light Again / By Huang Chuanji

Our Benevolent Teacher Is the Bright Lamp that Shines on Me / By Shi Hengnian

Like a Thunderstorm, a Mountain, or an Ocean / By Elizabeth Babcock (Guo Zai)

Grateful for the Master's Guidance in My Dream / By Chia Mai Choo

I Don't Do Business! / By Shi Heng Yun

People and Roads / By Zhuang Guoxiang

The Gift of Dharma Is the Highest of All / By Ng Soh Joo

Not Sparing Blood or Sweat and Never Pausing to Rest / By Chen Guo An

My Gratitude and Wishes / By Yu Guochang

Emptiness and Existence / By Yan Xin

How the Venerable Master Established Schools and the Way He Taught Students / By Shari Epstein

I Like My Teacher / Shi Guorou

Everything Is a Test to See What You Will Do / By Xie Guofu

A Teaching in a Dream / By Shi Heng Shang

Those Who Are Afflicted, Wearied, and Confused Ride His Ship of Kindness / By Li Guochang

Drops of Dharma Rain / By Shi Hua Lai

"Cut Off Desire!" / By Shi Heng You

The Good and Wise Advisor's Teachings for Me / By Shi Heng Sure





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