March, Mahayana 3004

Volume X - Series 23 - NO.118

Syi lu Seng e mu chwye ye

      Manifesting as the Great Bodhisattva Medicine King, warding off epidemics, rescuing countless beings, so all may leave sickness and pain, sprinkling sweet dew upon the sentient seedlings.

Issued in March, 1980. Copyright c by the Sino-American Buddhist Association. Mahayana 3004. Volume x series 23 number 118. Vajra Bodhi Sea (USPS 347-110) International Periodical # ISSN 0507-6986.

English Table of Contents

Bodhi Seal of the Patriarchs.. Venerable Great Master Chih Che
Dharma Flower Sutra... Chapter 3, A Parable
Flower Adornment Prologue.... Second Door: Causes for Arisal of the Teaching
Abhidharmakosasastra... Karika No. 7... Ven Master Thich Huyen-vi
Pictorial Biography of the Venerable Master Hsu Yun
Three Steps and One Bow... letters to the Venerable Master from Bhikshus Heng Sure & Heng Ch'au
The Bodhi Mirror Presents... Sumedho Bhikkhu
Devotion and Meditation.... by Bhikshu Heng K'ung
Sanskrit Lesson............ Amitabha Sutra
The Bodhi Stand Presents Upasika Kuo Ai Liu
In Commemoration of the Arrival of the Delegation from Hoeh Beng Temple
In Commemoration Worshipping Delegation from Kuala Lumpur
News from the Dharma Realm.. Speeches from the Opening

Cover: Great Compassion Mantra Verse:

       Composed by Venerable Master Hua
       Chinese Calligraphy by Upasaka Liu Kuo Chi

       English Calligraphy by Jerry Jo Idarius


Series: Water overcoming fire is represented on the cover by the two colors. Water belongs to winter and the north; fire to summer and the south. In our bodies water connects with the kidneys and has a relationship with salt, while fire is related to the heart and is connected with bitter foods.
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