Pictorial Biography of the Venerable
Master Hsu Yun

Wen Chi becomes the Master’s
Dharma Protector

-Composed by Venerable Master Hua
-Illustrated by a Student of Prajna

The Master asked where Wen Chi had come from. "Ch'ang An" was the answer.

"And where are you going?" asked the Master.

"Wu T'ai Mountain."

"Unfortunately I am still sick," said the Master. "Otherwise we could travel together."

Wen Chi said, "You know, you've not travel­ed very far in the last year. You do not have to bow every three steps."

The Master replied, "I wish to repay the debt of gratitude which I owe my parents. I will not change my vows, even if I were to die in the process of fulfilling them."

Wen Chi said, "A man of your resolve is rare indeed. I would like to carry your bags for you."

The Master told him that this would enable him to share equally in the merit derived from making the pilgrimage.

      "This is up to you," replied Wen Chi, "but it is not necessary."

The verse says:

He wished to repay his parent's toil by bowing to Wu T'ai Mountain.

Serious illness afflicted him twice and twice he was delivered.

How fortunate that the wonderful Chi came to give him sweet dew!

It was as if he'd died and then returned to fulfill the vows he embraced.

(This illustration accompanies the essay appearing in issue #111, page 17. –editors)