In Commemoration of the Worship
ping Delegation from Kuala. Lumpur

written by the Venerable Master Hua on the
occasion of their visit during the Opening

      Great Master Hsuan Tsang went to the Western regions to seek the sutras. Fording a thousand mountains and crossing ten thousand streams, he walked every single step. Overlooking weariness for the Dharma's sake, his kindness remains to this day and his merit is great indeed! Now, Upasaka Wong Kuan Liang and his delegation have come from Malaysia to America, with the special intent to bow at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Attending the seven-day cultivation session in full, their work has not been in vain. They came earnestly seeking the Dharma, and not just for a vacation. Now, on behalf of the four-fold assembly at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, I bring forth the Bodhi resolve, vowing to diligently practice the Way, so that we will not disappoint the sincere expectations of our donors.

      Furthermore, we hope that when these laypeople
return to Malaysia, they will behave as models for people and not contend with others. In this way they will inspire and transform people in the world. They can change the social customs and atmosphere all around, return to the natural and pure, invisibly dispel disasters, and stop wars and calamities of the future. They can supplement the righteous energy of heaven and earth so that good tuck and harmony abound and an auspicious cloud pervades. Humankind wilt obtain blessings, living beings will be aided by such kindness. This is no small condition; it is my most sincere wish!

A verse says:

  A magnificent righteous spirit

fills up the heavens and earth.

To transform greatness,

study with the worthy sages.

On meeting with unpleasant circumstances,

seek within yourself.

Return the light to shine within,

do not climb on conditions.

Be, like an old dolt,

do not use craftiness.

Diligently sweep clean the dust of the mind,

and get rid of private guile.

If you can exhort yourself

at alt times,

Very soon the Buddha's teaching

will tilt up the trichiliocosm.