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Student's Grove
Reflections on Instilling Goodness Elementary Girls' School / Developing Virtue Secondary Girls' School.
City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
Introductions and Reflections

Developing Virtue Secondary School Girls

Renee Boh(傅琪惠)



Chi-Lim Boh(傅琪婷)



Lotus Chen(陳淨意)



Stacy Chen(陳彥君)



Kady Choy(蔡佩欣)



Kitty Kuo(郭銘君)



Sonya Lee(李尚雅)



Szlai Law(羅詩麗)



Renee Boh

Introduction: Renee was born in Malaysia, and is now 15 years old; she enjoys drawing, and she is kind and gentle.

Reflection: It is spacious and pure at the City. It is a great environment for studying. Learning English is easy here. CTTB is the appropriate place for cultivators. Our teachers and Shr-Fu teach us how to be filial to our parents and respect our teachers and elders.

Chi-Lim Boh

Introduction: Chi-lim was born in Malaysia, and is now 11 years old. She is Renee's little sister, and is lovely and vivacious. She enjoys painting small cards and sending them as gifts to her mother. Her mother also lives at City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

Reflection: CTTB is the best place for cultivating and studying. I have learned the Six Great Principles, which I could not have learned elsewhere. If I had not come to CTTB, I might have become like the students at other schools. So I am grateful to my parents for sending my sister and me here, and to my teachers and elders for teaching us at school.

Lotus Chen

Introduction: Lotus was born in Taiwan, and is now 15 years old. She is good in Mandarin and she often tutors her classmates in Chinese and Math. She is broad-minded and enjoys making friends. Her temperament is fair and righteous.

Reflection: The Dharma Masters are kind, compassionate, patient, and also congenial. Our dormitory life is like a big family, in that all students live in harmony with one another. This is a good place to smell flowers and hear birds sing.

Stacy Chen

Introduction: Stacy was born in Taiwan, and now 11 years old. She does well on her homework, adjusts easily to new environments and she is mature.

Reflection: CTTB is a Way-place for cultivators. At the same time, it is a good place for studying. I have learned a lot here, and I am thankful to CTTB for everything. I have studied here for nearly two years. During this time, I realize that I have changed a lot. If I had gone to school outside, I would have become like the girls at other schools: which is to say making boy friends, putting on make-up, talking about improper things, etc. But here I have learned a lot of Buddhadharma and the principles of being a person. Consequently, I am happy my parents sent me to CTTB.

Kady Choy

Introduction: Kady was bom in Hong Kong, and is now seventeen years old. She treats her friends well, she enjoys telling jokes, and is happy to help others.

Reflection: I have studied here for almost three years. I like to live at the CITB because it is a good environment for studying, and also because people that live here are so friendly.

Kitty Kuo

Introduction: Although Kitty was born in Hong Kong, she is Taiwanese. She is 14 years old, she loves drawing and is skilled in design-making. She enjoys telling jokes and is not upset by trifles.

Reflection: Peaceful moniings, Beautiful environment, Leaves me an even more beautiful memory.

Sonya Lee

Introduction: Although Sonya was born in Hong Kong, she is Canadian, and is now 15 years old. She enjoys day dreaming, yet is competent in leading others. She can be emotional yet has a just and righteous character.

Reflection: I have been here for only a few years, and I have learned more about life and Buddhism than I would have any where else. Living at the City gives me an opportunity to make friends who are more sensible. I am glad I have come here because it made me a better person. I have learned discipline here, something that helps me not only do better at my endeavors but also helps me succeed at them.

Szlai Law

Introduction: Szlai was born in Hong Kong, and is now 15 years old, She enjoys drawing and likes to tell jokes. She is broad-minded and considerate.

Reflection: I feel protected herein the city, because it is nice and peaceful, and it is very much like the Pure Land.


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