August, Mahayana 3004

Volume X - Series 23 - NO.111

Syi two yu yi

      Vowing all beings become worthy sages. Manifesting according to kind, transforming all gods, with similar work & benefits, gathering those with affinities, Forgetting self for others-truly no self.


Issued in August, 1979. Copyright c by the Sino-American Buddhist Association.
Mahayana 3004
VAJRA BODHI SEA (USPS 347-110) International Periodical #ISSN 0507-6986

Front Cover: Verse by Tripitaka Master Hua

             Translation by Bhikshuni Heng Ch'ih

             Calligraphy: Chinese by Upasaka Liu Kuo Chi

                          English (also for #110) by Jerri Jo Idarius

Table of Contents

Bodhi Seal of the Patriarchs-----Venerable Basiasita
DHARMA FLOWER SUTRA------Parable Chapter
Poem------by Venerable Elder Master Hsu Yun
Flower Adornment Sutra Prologue----bilingual
Sanskrit Lesson--------by Bhikshuni Heng Hsien
Pictorial Biography of the Venerable Master Hsu Yun
With One Heart Bowing----letters from Heng Sure and Heng Ch'au 
Ch'an Talks by Elder Master Lai Kuo
Beware of Otherness------by Bhikshu Heng K'ung
Prajna Paramita and Chinese Ch'an-----by Bhikshuni Shih Hiu Wen
Some knowledge About Buddhism----Upasaka C.T. Shen
Ch'an Cultivation-----by Upasaka Yu Kuo K'ung

Back Cover:  Calligraphy by Venerable Master Hua

             Photograph by Upasaka Kuo Kuei Nicholson

Technical Assistance: Shramanerika Kuo Chung, Upasika Kuo Li Hensley

Layout and Graphics: Shramanerika Heng Ming
Printed in the United States of America issue no. 111

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