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A True Record of My Father's Rebirth

羅凱文 文 by Alex Lo
林青青 英譯 English Translated by Laura Lin
選自矽谷梵音(金聖寺通訊)第 116 期 2005 年 12 月
Published by Pure Sound From Silicon Valley Newsletter, Issue 116, December 2005


1. 『六大宗旨 信仰基礎』:父親個性內歛、行事穩重、有責任感,從小就教導弟妹我三人,絕對不可佔人便宜或逢迎拍馬,不可給人隨意添麻煩。因敬仰上宣下化老和尚道風,於1994年皈依上人。此後便以誦持《地藏經》、《心經》及佛號為日常功課。

2. 『時時提醒 建立信心』:父親住院期間,所受的折磨痛苦,寸筆難書。當他得知身患惡疾,便下定決心求生淨土。末學於床邊放置念佛機,使佛號不斷,並常與父親談及西方極樂世界的情景;也不斷提醒父親,種種俗緣皆短暫,唯有極樂世界的法親眷屬才是永遠的。父親某日醒來身感痛楚,忽見病房天花板上現黃色一尺圓光,頓覺通身舒暢,從此信心更加堅定。

3.『業障現前 不可不察』:往生前八天,父親夜夢數人追殺,醒後惶惶不安。適逢朋友電告,得知台北法界印經會正舉辦《三千佛懺》,家人趕緊為父親設立超渡冤親債主牌位。次日,父親於夢中見一人出面阻擋追殺人員。再隔日,父親於夢中見追殺人員滿面歡喜,不再尋仇。此景正如《地藏經》裏所描述,家屬對於臨命終人所見所聞,不可不留心也。

4.『萬緣放下 助念往生』:十月二十五日病情極速惡化,在母親提醒下,父親在往生前兩小時,用極沙啞的聲音喊出「阿彌陀佛」聖號,令人感動不已。末學於父親耳邊勸慰他不要擔心家中一切,萬緣放下,專心默念佛號。此刻全家開始念佛。見父親吐出最後一口氣時,末學心如刀割、肝腸寸斷,但想起印光大師的開示,只有含著淚水繼續念佛。在恆雲、恆才法師等慈悲協助下,印經會的師兄們非常有組織的輪流來助念,使末學父親順利登西,我們感謝萬分。

5.『彌陀現身 萬丈金光』:助念剛開始,末學弟弟在病房已聞花香,妹妹則於助念室見「阿彌陀佛」於遠方現巨大身,並放金色光芒。她更吃驚的見到家父慢步走向「阿彌陀佛」。當時她以為自己腦子有問題,便走出助念室,喝水解渴作深呼吸。回助念室,閉眼念佛,影像再現,家父已較接近「阿彌陀佛」而他的身影似乎變小。她又再次走出助念室,喝水解渴作深呼吸。回助念室,閉眼則見父親鬚髮盡落,著海青,登上蓮花而去。值得一提的是,據她描述,「阿彌陀佛」的頭部是寶藍色並有許多捲曲髮,父親的身形於「阿彌陀佛」身旁顯得非常小。其後連續兩天,妹妹皆聞到異香。末學的弟妹不是真正佛教徒,對於「阿彌陀佛」或極樂世界所知極少。若非佛菩薩慈悲,弟妹二人又怎能親睹如此殊勝境界?

In June of this year, my father experienced sudden pain around his waist, and he couldn’t eat. Within one month, he lost around ten kilograms. He was admitted to Taipei’s General Veterans’ Hospital many times. Finally, in September, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. According to his doctor, this type of cancer worsens very quickly. Usually, a patient with this illness has only six months to live. Although my entire family didn’t lose hope, we were finally defeated by the disease. My father peacefully passed away at the end of October. From the time he first got ill to the time that he passed away, many inconceivable events as described in the Sutras occurred. Therefore, I put these events together to share with everyone.

1. The Six Principles formed the foundation of my father’s faith: My father was introverted and very responsible, and he considered carefully before he acted. Ever since we were children, my father taught my brother, my sister, and me never take advantage of, or to flatter others to further our own benefit. Also, he taught us not to add to another person’s burden. Because my father sincerely respected the Venerable Master Hua’s merit and virtue, he took refuge with the Venerable Master in 1994. From then on, my father recited the Earth Store Sutra, the Heart Sutra, and the Buddha’s name daily.

2. I constantly reminded my father to maintain his faith: During my father’s stay in the hospital, he went through indescribable suffering. When he realized that his illness was incurable, he was determined to be reborn in the Pure Land. I put a recording of the Buddha’s name next to my father’s bedside, and it played continuously. I frequently described the scenes of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss to him. I also told him that the relationships in the Saha world are temporary; only his Dharma companions in the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss are permanent. One day when my father woke up, he was in great pain. However, he saw a circle of yellow light about one foot in diameter on the ceiling. All of a sudden, he experienced comfort all over his body. After that, his faith grew even firmer.

3. The manifestation of negative karma cannot be ignored: Eight days before my father passed away, he dreamed that many people were chasing him to kill him. When he woke up, he was very disturbed. When my friend told me over the phone that the Three Thousand Buddhas Repentance was taking place at Taipei’s Dharma Realm Buddhist Books Distribution Society, my family rushed over and set up a “Plaque to Repay Those We Owe”on behalf of my father. The next day, my father dreamed that there was an individual who blocked those who were trying to kill him. On the third day, in his dreams, my father saw that his intended killers had smiles on their faces, appeared to be joyful, and they stopped seeking retribution from him. My father’s experience was similar to the teachings in the Earth Store Sutra where it describes what a person experiences before he passes away. Everyone should be mindful of this.

4. Letting go of everything and passing away amid recitation of the Buddha’s name: On October 25, my father’s illness quickly worsened. At my mother’s reminder, he used his hoarse voice to call out Amitabha Buddha’s name two hours before his passing. It was incredibly touching! I told my father in his ears not to worry about the family, to let go of everything, and to concentrate on reciting the Buddha’s name in his mind. At that time, my entire family started to recite the Buddha’s name. When I saw my father’s last breath, it was as if a knife cut my heart while it broke into thousands of pieces, and I felt as if there were explosions all around me. However, I remembered the words of Great Master Yin Guang, so I continued to recite the Buddha’s name with tears in my eyes. With the compassionate assistance of Dharma Masters Heng Yun, Heng Tsai and others, the Dharma brothers of Dharma Realms Buddhist Books Distribution Society were contacted right away. They took turns to recite the Buddha’s name on my father’s behalf. Due to their efforts, my father reached the Western Pure Land smoothly, and my family is deeply grateful.

5. Amitabha Buddha appeared and radiated thousands of rays of golden light: When my family started to recite the Buddha’s name, my younger brother smelled the scent of flowers in the hospital room, and my younger sister saw an incredibly large Amitabha Buddha emitting golden light from afar. Even more surprisingly, she saw our father walking slowly towards Amitabha. At that time, my sister thought there was something wrong with her, so she left the room to get a drink of water and take deep breaths. When she returned to the room and closed her eyes to resume her recitation, the scene she saw earlier returned. Our father was closer to Amitabha, and he appeared to be getting smaller. My sister left the room again to get a drink and take deep breaths. When she returned, she saw that my father’s hair had fallen away, and he was wearing a black robe as he got on a lotus to leave. My sister said that Amitabha Buddha’s head was royal blue in color and covered with curls. She also said that our father appeared to be very small next to Amitahba. Two days after my father’s passing, my sister continued to smell wondrous fragrance. My brother and sister are not formally Buddhists. They know very little about Amitabha and the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. Without the kindness and compassion of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, my brother and sister would not have experienced such auspicious states.


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