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CTTB Celebrates International Peace Day

夏鈴‧光亮 報導 by Charleen Light
虛空客 中譯 Cinese Tanslated by Xkungke








大衛‧史密斯 - 婓利談到如何做一個和平人士,接著各宗教代表祈福:印地安波謀聯盟的洛依絲‧拉卡特,天主教修女貞‧凱莉,蘇菲派凱洛‧克瑞都,猶太教教士秀珊納,衛理公會的麗莎‧華納-卡銳,基督教長老會退休的賴瑞‧巴稜格牧師,貴格會的珍‧莫耳,巴哈派崔霞‧艾倫,女校學生米妙雲和米妙善唱了一首好聽的歌代表印度教,最後由方丈律法師祝福。


The United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution designating Sept. 21st of each year as International Peace Day. The intention of the resolution is to have the entire world observe a day of peace and nonviolence. On this day, millions of people and countless groups and communities throughout the world will observe the day as a day of ceasefire and non-violence.

Dr. Jane Goodall says, “With the peace doves we remind everyone of the truth they sometimes forget – that peace is possible. We celebrate all that is free and noble in the human spirit. And we celebrate all that so many people have done throughout the year — and will do next year – to create a better world.”

International Peace Day was recognized and celebrated at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) on Thursday afternoon, September 21, 2006.. The event was coordinated by Instilling Goodness and Developing Virtue Secondary Schools. It was open to the public and attended by about 300 people, including sixty K-2 students from St. Mary’s Catholic School.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and everyone met at the entrance to the City and then walked to the Buddha Hall chanting, “Om Mani Padme Hum”. The kindergarten and first grade girls led the CTTB students while holding a paper dove or a colorful banner on which they had painted beautiful pictures that represented peace to them. Other students and children from the community also carried banners, handmade doves dangling from sticks, and some even dressed as white doves. Interspersed throughout those walking and chanting were three giant dove puppets that the high school girls had made a few years ago.

Once in the Buddha Hall, the guests and students were greeted by the Abbot, Dharma Master Heng Lyu and then led in a short meditation by Dharma Master Heng Yin.

Thane Hake opened the program by playing a beautiful song on his Native American flute and was followed by the Inland Women’s Choir, led by Madge Stong. Charlene Light, a teacher at the Girls School, was the MC and also led the students in several peace songs, accompanying them on her guitar. The second grade girls also performed a Native American peace dove dance. The junior high and high school girls came up to the microphone one by one saying the name of a country they had chosen while displaying their hand drawn flag of that country. Those who knew the word for peace in that country’s language also said that. The purpose of this was to show that people all over the world are striving for peace and that in so many ways we are unified and interconnected.

David Smith-Ferri gave a short talk on how to be a peaceful person, and then several representatives of various faiths gave blessings and short talks on peace. These representatives were: Lois Lockart, from the Pomo Nation, Sister Jane Kelly – Catholicism, Carol Crandal – Sufism, Rabbi Shoshana – Judaism, Pastor Lisa Warner-Carey from the United Methodist Church, Rev. Larry Ballenger – a retired Presbyterian Minister, Jan Moore – Quakers, and Trisha Allen of the Bahai Faith. Gopika and Radika Misri, students at the Girls School, represented Hinduism with a beautiful song in Sanskrit, and Abbot Heng Lyu ended with a Buddhist blessing.

Soloist Melody Ishihara concluded the event by singing and leading us all in “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” followed by the Buddhist Dedication of Merit. That concluded the celebration this year.


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