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A Guanyin Dharma Assembly to Protect the Nation
and Quell Disasters in the Republic of China (continued)

宣公上人講於臺灣 a talk by the Venerable Master Hua in Taiwan
沙彌尼近廣師 英譯 English Translation by Shramanerika Jin Gwang






Venerable Master:
Why is the world in such a terrible state? It is because everyone is deluded. If people were not so deluded, then this world would always be good. If everyone were wise, then this would be a terrific world. Look at people in the world now, they are so deluded. They engage in homosexuality. They abort babies who haven’t had a chance to grow up yet. The resentment those aborted babies feel is so strong that it is more toxic than an atomic bomb or a hydrogen bomb. They are determined to seek revenge. There are more baby ghosts than old ghosts in the world. There are these little ghosts who didn’t have a chance to grow up. Why do people get sick? It is because they have too many debts of enmity. For example, cancer usually occurs because one has killed too many lives and such hatred can’t be absolved. But most people don’t dare to say this, fearing that some won’t like to hear this. The doctors are at a loss, and although people may want to cover up the situation, the facts are still there. You may not want to talk about it but that disease has been spreading at such a rate that more and more people are contracting it.

People should not lie to themselves and others about what is going on—that’s how the whole thing began. This is a disaster. The reason for this disaster is that people have been indulging in sexual activities so that many strange diseases are born. Why is it that people don’t want to admit to the cause of this disease? Even physicians claim that they don’t know how this sickness came about? Why don’t they make it clear? It is because they also wallow in the mire and enjoy lying to themselves and other people.

Everyone will die, but each person should die in peace. No one should end up badly, such as dying from such a filthy disease. How could this illness be cured? Start with the basics. People should regulate their desires and not indulge in lust. That way the problems will be solved. It’s very simple. After men and women become adults, they may marry and have children. The newspapers reported that a ten-year-old girl in a country in Western Europe gave birth to eight kids. How? She gave birth to twins at the age of six, another pair at the age of seven, and another pair at the age of eight. Three pairs of twins make six kids. At the age of nine she gave birth to one child and had another one at the age of ten.

What kind of world is this? Demons and monsters must have come to the world to entice people into misbehaving, making everyone promiscuous and die together. Even animals don’t engage in sex every day. There’s a certain time for that. They don’t engage in that behavior after that time has past. It breaks my heart to see people not knowing how to restrain themselves. Little by little, people will turn into grains that never ripen. You may plant these unripened seeds and they will not grow. People will also become less and less fertile so that women will not bear children in the future. We need not mention men since they can’t give birth to begin with. Once that happens, the world’s human population will become sterile seeds and humankind will die off. This is very dangerous.

We ought to restrain ourselves for the sake of the country since the world’s population has exploded. However, the national policy should still allow a family plan of two children, and not one. The Chinese tradition and the non-Chinese are about the same; both consider men to be better than women. With a one-child policy, the Chinese will strangle the girl and wait until a boy is born. If they have another girl, she would also be killed... they would keep killing the girls until it becomes a nation of males with no females at all. What do you do about this? This is poor policy for a country.

A good policy would be to have two children, then stop. If you have too many children, the population explosion will become a problem for our planet. If you give birth to two kids and they’re both boys, you may exchange one with another family that has two girls, and vice versa. That way, things balance out. Otherwise, when everyone keeps the boys and not the girls, homosexuality will occur. Isn’t that scary? The government should not be too extreme. Neither excessive control nor license will do. All these problems are the source of natural calamities and manmade disasters. People have made some fundamental mistakes, which are sure to create natural and manmade disasters and various unfortunate matters.

To be continued


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