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Gazing at the West since she was little:

Introducing Bhikshuni Jin Xing

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Bhikshuni Jin Xing came from Dayuan City of Taoyuan County in Taiwan. Although Dayuan is an industrial district, the members of her family were farmers. When she was little she used to play in the fields, catch snails and fish, eat freshly picked vegetables and newly harvested rice. She had no cares or worries and enjoyed excellent health. She always won first place in gym class races. The land is vast in the countryside. There were over thirty people in her extended family and they all lived in the same area. She played with her cousins everyday. As a result she was quite innocent and not at all sophisticated or hypocritical.

When she was in Junior High she started thinking about life a lot, “Where did I come from at birth? And where will I go after death?” She no longer ran around; instead she often sat at the front door of the house and gazed toward the horizon in the west. One day one of her cousins drowned in a nearby pond. Was it an accident or did he commit suicide? No one knows even to this day. The incident shook her up. A sense of helplessness overcame her for the first time in her life. Gradually one by one her family members left; some got married and some died. Each separation left her with deep sorrow and made her wonder why people so dear to each other could not stay together. She realized the inevitability of separation and was afflicted by the lack of control over it.

Her younger sister (who later became Bhikshuni Heng Huang) was the first to encounter with Buddhism and stopped the family from raising chickens. This sister also introduced her to the Venerable Master's instructional talks. She was elated after reading these books and gained some basic knowledge about Buddhism. She finally realized that her goal in life was to put an end to birth and death. She also felt that her gazing toward the west everyday might have been because she was longing to go to the Land of Ultimate Bliss without being conscious of it.

In 1988, the Venerable Master went to Taoyuan County to host the Dharma Assembly to Protect the Nation and Quell Disasters. With her sister's encouragement, she took refuge with the Ven. Master but skipped the five precepts. She did not want to give up the little bit of freedom that she was left with. When her sister left the home-life in 1993 she also thought about following her but she was not ready to part with her long, glossy hair.

In September 1995, a few months after the Venerable Master left the world, she came to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) to participate in the Water, Land and Air Ceremony and her sister's ordination. Afterwards she stayed on and enrolled in the Laity Training Program because she felt that CTTB was a precious place for cultivation. She also worked in the kitchen and Junkang Vegetarian Restaurant. Her life at CTTB was so busy that she had no time for idle thoughts, but she was also very happy because her life was so full. She also experienced a sense of contentment that she had never experienced before since she grew up. How she wished time would stand still!

Time flies at CTTB and gradually she was able to put down more attachments. Finally on Sunday, November 4, 1998, when CTTB was cerlebrating the Venerable Master's and Guanyin Bodhisattva's leaving-home day she joined the Sangha order. She was given the Dharma name Chin Ci. After more than three years of training in the precepts, the Dharma instruments, and so on at the City of the Dharma Realm, CTTB, and Gold Summit Monastery, she was ordained in August 2002. She is now serving at Gold Sage Monastery.

She has not forgotten her habit of gazing toward the west when she was little, and so she has chosen to focus on the Pure Land practice. We hope that when she is in the Land of Ultimate Bliss in the West, she will not forget those of us who are still suffering in the Saha world.


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