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A Model School for the World

培德男校學生家長 顏亞日 文與譯
By Agis Gan on July 12, 2003 at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas





這所學校有著無限的潛能。身為一個家長,我有幾點和大家分享。 1)時刻都要記得師父上人建校的宗旨,其中包括教育者自己的修身(道德之修持)與齊家(家庭之完整)。(住宿生最缺少家庭生活) 2)這是一所給世界做模範的學校。所有的老師、學生、畢業生、校友皆有義務各展才華,兼以道德行持,去為校爭光。師父說過,教育是每一個人的義務。師父建立了這所義務學校,給予每一個人有機會來投身教育(如校友Nakula 和胡明宇回校服務)。3)學校之母體,法界佛教總會,集中了來自世界各國的僧眾領導大眾,開出燦爛的花朵(校友陳頌明現在就為法總服務)4)教育是永遠無止盡的,沒有人可以說已有足夠的教育了。不止是青少年需要教育,家長、老師、校友、修行人,大家皆需要學習(請每晚到佛殿來聽經就知道了)。


Two weeks ago, Mr. Bostick approached me and asked, “Would you represent the parents on the graduation day? The graduates suggested you to represent the parents.” I thought to myself, “My son would never do that. It must be his friends’ idea. So, the job landed on me.” In order not to disappoint them, I said okay.

For every parent, the ultimate aim of sending children to school is to see them grow and become talented people. This school has done a good job of this. I can prove to you what I have just said, because I have seen all my four children growing up here. Three of them have graduated from high school, and one from elementary school. Being a parent, I am thankful to this school for providing an excellent education. My first son Peter graduated from this school in 1998 and went to the University of the Pacific in Stockton. Last month, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics. He has been accepted by UC San Diego and will pursue his Master’s degree in material science. My second daughter Zhian graduated from the girls’ school in the year 2000. She also goes to the University of the Pacific and will be in her fourth year as an Education major and Music minor. Tonight my third son Derrick is also graduating. Derrick will be going to Mendocino College to explore his interests. My fourth daughter Ruhui will be graduating from elementary school tomorrow and entering junior high.

My family and I are especially indebted to Venerable Master Hua, who brought us here to the City of 10,000 Buddhas. If it were not for the Venerable Master, my family wouldn’t have moved to United States. I know that all the parents from Malaysia, Taiwan, and China have the same inspiration as me. We are inspired by the Venerable Master and his teaching about Buddhism and Confucianism. We all wish that with the education provided here, our children will learn the fundamental principles of how to be a good person and a good citizen, to serve the country and the world for the benefit and welfare of all humankind and all living beings.

I have spent the last ten years of my life in the City of 10,000 Buddhas, which is a place of refuge and retreat. Undeniably CTTB is a quiet, serene and pure place for spiritual cultivation, but it is also strongly connected to the local community and the world. This is a really tiny school. The boys and girls schools together have an enrollment of about 100 students, and graduates an average of ten students each year, yet it is well known not only by prestigious American and Canadian universities and colleges, but also by parents in Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Africa, South America, and throughout the world. This is a school of choice for both Americans and people from all over the world.

This school has unlimited potential. As a parent, I have several points to share with you all. 1) Always remember the fundamental aims and visions of the Venerable Master in setting up the school, including the aim of educating yourself in the practice of virtue and preserving family unity. (The dorm students miss their family life a lot.) 2) This school was set up as a model for the world. Thus the teachers, the students, the graduates, and the alumni have the mission of showing their talents, abilities and practice of virtue to the world, to uphold the good name of the school. 3) As the Venerable Master said it, education is everyone’s natural duty; he has made this a volunteer school, an opportunity that is always open to you to contribute and improve the education provided everyday. (Come back to contribute like Nakula and Justin.) 4) The mother organization, the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (DRBA), a diverse organization including monks and nuns from all parts of the world, has the potential and natural duty to lead, to plan and to develop the school to its full blossom. (Wayne is now working for DRBA.) 5) Education is forever. Nobody can say that he/she has had enough education. Education is not just for young students; it is for parents, teachers, alumni, cultivators and everyone at large. Thus this meaningful education work set forth by Venerable Master shall carry on forever. (Come to listen to lecture at the Buddha Hall every night.)

To the graduates, I extend my congratulations for your accomplishment. I wish you will always remember to pursue your ideals, accomplishment after accomplishment, in the direction of attaining human perfection. Remember the Buddha’s promise: at the point of human perfection, you will be a Buddha.


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