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迎新春,許新願 徵文比賽
Welcoming the New Year and Making New Wishes
Essay Contest Selections

劉峻松 英譯 English Translation by Low Choon Song



Girls School Students’ Essays Receive Recognition
More essays from students of Developing Virtue Girls’ School who participated in an essay contest held by the Chinese newspaper World Journal.


青年組 佳作 秦育萱 十年級






少年組 第二名 李明欣 六年級







Youth Group Honorable Mention Michelle Chin Grade 10

This year will be coming to an end soon and the year of the sheep will be coming. Reminiscing on what I have done throughout the past year, I can’t help but sigh – how time flies! I have aged by a year and yet I can’t help thinking: How much have I learned this past year? Whom have I helped? How many mistakes have I made? Now is the time to plan for all the changes I would like to make.

On previous New Year’s Eves I could sense the spirit of Chinese New Year just simply walking along the streets in Taiwan. Every household is well-lit and bustling in preparing and decorating for the New Year, doing spring cleaning, hanging up New Year’s banners. How I looked forward it all! I remember that on the day before New Year’s Eve, everyone would help out with the spring cleaning. It is a Chinese custom that before the New Year, we sweep away all unwanted things and replace them with new things. It is a symbol of welcoming the future.

Every New Year’s Eve, my mother will bring us to shop for new clothes. On New Year’s Eve, relatives would gather for a reunion dinner, exchanging red packets, lighting firecrackers. New Year has always been fun!

However, it feels different now. Being a foreign student away from home, I can’t help but feel lonely. As I stare at the horizon, a feeling of sadness overcomes me as I think of my family busy stocking up New Year’s goodies, awaiting the arrival of Chinese New Year.

As I look into the sky, I make a wish. Perhaps this will ease my loneliness. With new hope, this coming year will perhaps be a happier one. This is the greatest encouragement I can give myself!

My new year’s resolution is to “study hard, and not to let my parents worry.” Perhaps this wish doesn’t mean much to others, but to me, it is extremely meaningful. Throughout my studies, my parents have given me financial and emotional support. The only repayment I can give is to study hard. Once I graduate, I will be able to reunite with my family. I make this silent wish, and pray to heaven that it will come true. Of course I will work hard to fulfill my wish. My family is the only strength that helps me persevere; my family is the reason for this wish.

As the New Year approaches, I will forget the unpleasant memories and persevere towards my goal. With a heart full of hope, I will make another milestone in my life.

Youth Group Second Place Tiffany Lee Grade 6

Last school holiday, Mom brought me and my elder brother to study in the States, while my father stayed in Taiwan to teach.

In this new environment, things were not the same anymore. Everyone speaks in English. In the beginning, I could hardly understand a single word. Needless to say, I could not speak the language at all. In class, I could only be like a mute, quietly sitting in my seat, watching while the teacher talked and the other students kept raising their hands to answer her questions. In my heart I thought, “If I were in Taiwan, I would be able to do the same.” After class, although some of my classmates would invite me to play with them, I preferred to sit quietly and listen to them chat or watch them play. I really wished I could be back in Taiwan, back by my father’s side. What a difficult, unhappy time I had! Luckily for me, my core teacher took good care of me. She encouraged me and taught me English after class. Gradually, my grasp of English improved. As I walked on this path, my heart felt just like the ever-changing clouds in the sky, which take on a different shape and color everyday – sometime beautifully bright and radiant, sometimes only a single lone cloud, sometimes a dark dreary raincloud, which might turn into a downpour with just a single touch.

Each time I saw the man next door strolling hand-in-hand with his daughter, or each time I felt depressed or angry, I would think of my father. In the past, my father would play with me everyday, and especially when I was in a bad mood, he would always patiently listen to my woes and would try to use different ways to cheer me up and play with me. Now, however, I can only keep my anger in my heart. How wonderful it would be if my father were here!

Once, at a Chinese Orchestra practice, my friend was so upset and mad at herself for not being able to play the flute well. Her father, who was also our Orchestra teacher, immediately went to her side to console her. As I watched the incident, tears welled up in my eyes. I felt so envious of my friend. How I wish my father were also by my side!

As the New Year approaches, my greatest wish is for my father to join us in America.


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