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Graduation 2003 at Instilling Goodness and
Developing Virtue Girls Schools

女校教師辦公室提供 by Girls School Staff




The graduation for Instilling Goodness Girls Elementary School and Developing Virtue Girls Secondary School on Friday, June 13, opened with a live rendition of “Pomp and Circumstance” and “Star Spangled Banner” by a student chamber ensemble formed especially for this event. This year’s sixth grade graduates were Ru Hui Gan and Tiffany Lee. The eighth grade graduates were Krishna Kary and Gopika Misri. The high school graduates were: Amy Bernacki, Cintya Kandahsari (recognized as the Model Student for this year), Radharani Kary, Ashley Lin, and Peishia Liu.

A special tribute was paid to Mr. Jerry Cook, who passed away last fall after having taught Biology at Developing Virtue Secondary School for twelve years. The following students received the President’s Award for outstanding academic achievement: Tiffany Lee, Krishna Kary, Gopika Misri, Cintya Kandahsari, and Ashley Lin. Also, the school recognized tenth grader Linda Lee for facing challenges with a positive attitude.

Heng Yin Shr, the Principal of Girls School, expressed her wishes for the students (in the yearbook): “Yet another year has gone by, and you have gained another year of learning and growing as a person. In addition to your academic studies, I hope you have learned the importance of communication and teamwork. These, as well as virtue and kindness, are more important than knowledge itself. When we all pool our talents and efforts together, we can accomplish much more than we could as individuals. And no matter what difficulties you face, remember to keep your spirits up, count your blessings, and see the bright side of things. A positive attitude makes all the difference.





“Seniors, I hope you will leave this school and spread goodness in the world. All of you, whether you realize it or not, are full of wholesome energy that the world so needs. You must make a great bodhi resolve to share with others the principles of being a person that you have learned here, which are the foundation for all spiritual achievements. This is only the beginning of your life. In the future, if you feel you have learned something of value here, we hope you will contribute in turn to the society or return to help the school.”

Mrs. Paula Britton, the girls’ basketball coach and one of the speakers that evening, told the students what special and unique individuals they are (although they do not realize it), and reminded the graduates to always remember to “be themselves,” to discover and pursue their true interests, and not to get too stressed out.

Two juniors, Huei Ong and Shirley Wu, gave humorous descriptions of the seniors, comparing each of them to a different fruit. Each of the graduates gave short speeches. Many in the audience were moved by graduate Amy Bernacki, who mentioned in her speech that although she was originally ashamed of her Asian heritage, she has changed her view after coming to this school and living with other Asians in the dorm for many years.

The evening ended with all the students singing songs for the graduates. The graduation was followed by a celebration put on by several alumni, who came back to welcome the new graduates.


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