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一心向佛  願了因果一一  


恒肖師是廣東省臺山縣人,俗家信仰觀音菩薩,初一、十五及佛誕日持素。父母親求了觀音菩薩,才生了她和雙胞胎弟弟倆。孿生兒出世,舉家興奮,哪知擺滿月酒時,門外衝進十多個日本兵,拽了母親就走!那是1942年,日軍已深入中國,到處抓年輕婦女。當時母親抵死不從,不知何故她在父親懷中竟笑了起來;這一笑引起日軍注意,放下母親就來拏她,說要小的,不要大的。父親拼死掙扎,撞了牆 ,頭破血流,大喊三聲斷了氣;喊的是,「不可以帶她走,她是求了觀世音菩薩來的;誰挐走她,以後還是要還給觀世音菩薩的。」父親斷了氣,母親也撞牆死了;祖父母看見子、媳婦死了,也雙雙撞牆而亡:一天死了四口人,喜事頓成悲劇。


她出生前,而且母已將她指腹為婚配了   人,所以16歲她就赴港履行婚約,男方大她23歲。婚禮後丈夫即離家到南美洲經商,18年後她才去尼加拉瓜相聚。當事業略有小成時,共產黨卻當政了,家產全被沒收,於是他們移居美國。


93年3月弟子為上人在長堤聖寺祝壽 ,上人對人講,「她可以出家。」她答,「我不能出家。」「為什麼?」「我沒跟家人講過。」上人說,「好!妳答得好,准妳不出家;妳5月20日一定要到萬佛城報到皈依。」她來了,趕上皈依受五戒,法名果翠,住了兩個月轉到舊金山的君康素食館當義工。93年11月28日在法界聖城 ,上人剛舉行剃度儀式完畢,隨即宣布,「今天開緣,有要出家的,現在就可以剃頭。」長久以來她就深感人生無常,很想、放下一切出家修行,正要開口,又聽到上人說,「誰要出家,要先把家中的老人照顧好,自己才安樂,否則自己也難過。」於是第二天東去紐約告知丈夫的兄嫂;丈夫己於1984年走了,他的兄嫂就是她的家人了。在紐約時跌斷左手腕,就醫後她念大悲咒,觀想上人,當天就看到上人搭著紅衣,左手對她擺了擺,說,「速去速回 ,外面事情做好就回來了。」第二天再去就醫時,醫生發覺她的手腕大不一樣了;只不過24小時,就不似前一天愛克斯光照出來的那麼彎彎曲曲了。醫生大驚,打電話問她兒子她信什麼宗教;兒子答,「 她是上人的皈依弟子,平時僅看上人的開示而已。」醫生聽了,費用減收一半!




Heng Hsiao Shi came from Tai-shan County of Canton Province. Her family worshipped Guanyin Bodhisattva. On the first and the fifteenth of every lunar month the whole family ate only vegetarian food. She and her twin brother were born after her parents prayed to Guanyin Bodhisattva. With the birth of the twins, the whole family was elated and threw a banquet on their one month anniversary. Who would have expected that over a dozen Japanese soldiers would break into the house and seize her mother. This was in 1942. The Japanese army had already entered deep into Chinese territory and was seizing young women everywhere. Heng Hsiao Shi suddenly broke out laughing as her mother was resisting the Japanese soldiers. They dropped her mother and came after her instead, saying that they wanted the little one, not the big one. Her father was holding her at the time and refused to let go. In the ensuring struggle, he banged his head against the wall and started bleeding profusely. He cried out, "You cannot take her. We prayed to Guanyin Bodhisattva to get her. Whoever takes her will have to give her back to Guanyin Bodhisattva." Then he died. Her mother also banged her head against the wall and committed suicide. Seeing their son and daughter-in-law gone, her grandparents also banged their heads against the wall and died. Four people died in one day and the banquet turned into a tragedy.  

Her maternal grandmother was grief-stricken, so her uncle took her home as soon as the funeral was over, leaving Heng Hsiao Shi and her twin brother to the two servants in the house. The next day the two servants sold her and her brother. When her uncle heard about this, he immediately went to buy them back. But by then her brother had already died.

Heng Hsiao Shi's grandmother had arranged her marriage before her birth. So, at sixteen she went to Hong Kong to marry her husband, who was 23 years her senior. After the wedding her husband went to Nicaragua to do business, and she stayed behind for 18 years before joining him. They were doing well in South America, but the Communist party took over and confiscated their business. They then immigrated to the United States.  

In 1991 when she was listening to the Earth Stare Sutra tape in Seattle's Bodhidharma Center, she heard the Venerable Master say, "Causes and effects are entangled in complex ways, and only when they are sorted out clearly will retribution cease." She reflected on her life and had a sudden insight. The shadows in her mind cleared, and from then on she looked to Buddhism to help her clear her debts in cause and effect and set her free from retribution.

In March 1993 when the Venerable Master's disciples were celebrating his birthday at Long Beach Monastery, the Venerable Master pointed to her and said, "She can leave the home-life." "No, I can't." "Why not?" "I have not told my family yet." "Okay, you win. You don't have to leave the home-life now but be sure to come to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) on May 20th to take refuge." She came on time and took refuge and received the Five Precepts. She was given the Dharma name Guo Cui. After staying at CTTB for two months, she began working as a volunteer at Jun-kang Restaurant in San Francisco.

She then went to New York to tell her husband's brother and sister-in-law. Her husband had passed away in 1984, and his brother and sister-in-law were the only elders in her family. While in New York, she fell and broke her left wrist. After returning from the doctor's, she recited the Great Compassion Mantra and contemplated the Venerable Master's presence nonstop. That very day she saw the Venerable Master in his red sash, waving at her with his left hand and saying, "Take care of your business quickly and return soon." The next day, the doctor noticed a tremendous improvement in her wrist. It had only been 24 hours, yet her wrist was no longer twisted as in the previous days X-ray. Amazed, the doctor called her son and asked, "What is your mother's faith?" Her son answered, "She is a disciple of the Venerable Master Hua. She only reads the Venerable Master's books." The doctor gave her a 50 percent discount on her medical bill.  

Upon returning to Gold Mountain Monastery, before she had a chance to say anything to the Venerable Master, he asked her, "How is you hand?" Then he added, "You must have it massaged nine times, or else you will lose the use of your hand." After the eighth massage, the clinic closed. Someone said that Bhikshu Heng Tsung Shi knew how to massage, but she hesitated because he was a monk. The Venerable Master said, "In saving people, make no discriminations of male and female." So she got the ninth massage and her hand recovered.  

On September 19,1994, the anniversary of Guanyin Bodhisattva's birthday, her head was shaved at Long Beach Monastery. She received the Dharma names Guo Wei, Heng Hsiao. Soon afterwards, she went to the City of the Dharma Realm in West Sacramento as well as the Buddhist Lecture Hall in Hong Kong for training. In the summer of 2002, she was fully ordained at CTTB and is now stationed in at the Buddhist Lecture Hall in Hong Kong.



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