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    看盡病苦無常苦 ﹣﹣  

                          喜雅 英譯 ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY XI YA


1980年共產黨統治越南,她一家七口乘船經馬來西亞來到美國東部費城定居。她就讀於湯馬斯 · 傑弗遜大學,主修護理,周末與姐妹們上寺廟修習佛法,誦《普門品》,拜佛。

畢業後,在費城愛因斯坦醫院的手術前準備房當護士,看盡病苦,深感人生苦多樂少。父親於1989年的早逝,讓一家人嚐到了無常之苦,卻在佛法中得到慰藉,度過難關;姐妹倆於是發心出家,願了生死。一日聽一位參訪過萬佛城的越南尼師說,「我喜歡聖城,道風好。」由是得知萬佛城,打電話來申請,告以,「這裏很冷,很嚴,妳們受得了嗎? 」一聽,滿心歡喜;再聽,「這裏日中一食。」更合意了!申請獲准後兩姐妹即刻就來了。









Heng Bing Shi is a native of Saigon, Vietnam. She and her sisters stayed with her grandmother in the countryside every summer, and during those three months they followed her in doing evening recitation, reciting the Amitabha Sutra and the Great Compassion Mantra, bowing to the Buddhas, and being vegetarians. Her grandfather was an abbot at the nearby temple. Sometimes they went to participate in Dharma assemblies and sometimes he would come home to give talks to his family, to teach them to recite the Sutras and play the wooden fish.

When Vietnam fell under Communist rule in 1980, she and her family of seven became boat people. By way of Malaysia, they went to Philadelphia on the East Coast of the United States. She attended Thomas Jefferson University and majored in nursing. On weekends, she and her sisters went to the temple to study the Buddhadharma, recite the Universal Door Chapter, and bow to the Buddhas.

After graduating, she worked as a registered nurse on the Medical Surgery Floor of the Albert Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia. She has seen all kinds of sickness and suffering and has a deep sense that there is more suffering than happiness in life. And her father's early death in 1989 made the whole family realize the suffering of impermanence. But by studying Buddhism they found some comfort and gradually got over the difficult time. She and her sister then decided to leave the home-life to cultivate. One day, Heng Bing Shi and her sister heard a Vietnamese nun who had visited the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas say, "I like the City, it is an excellent place for cultivation." They called and were told, "This place is very cold and very strict. Can you stand it?" That made them very happy. They were told again, "In this place we only eat one meal a day at midday." They felt that it suited them even better! They came as soon as they were approved.

In 1978, Heng Bing Shi had taken refuge with the Triple Jewel in Vietnam. Her master was not in the United States and could not teach her personally, so she took refuge again with the Venerable Master Hua in 1991.

The Venerable Master gave her the Dharma name Guo Nan (south) and gave her older sister the Dharma Name Guo Yue (Vietnam), changing it later to Guo Yue (moon). She received the full set of precepts at ordination in 1992, and the Venerable Master gave her the Dharma name Heng Bing, taking her name from “East, West, and South; jia, yi, king (the first three of the twelve Celestial Stems).” Her older sister’s name became Heng Liang (Cool) as in “cool moon.” After receiving the precepts, she was assigned to work in various branch monasteries. Only after becoming involved with duties in the temple on an everyday basis did she realize that her real ‘training’ had just begun!  

Heng Bing Shi has served at Gold Buddha Monastery in Vancouver, Canada. She taught herself Chinese and can read and speak it. She now lives at Gold Mountain Monastery in San Francisco and helps with the proofreading of Vietnamese Sutras. She works very hard in taking care of and answering questions from Vietnamese Buddhists. When asked how she feels about becoming a nun, Heng Bing Shi doesn’t respond directly. She only describes how after living at the City for more than a year, her mother came to visit her and her sister and had this to say, “You two became nuns too late. You should have done it earlier!”




上人語錄 Venerable Master's Dharma Words
Blessings must not be enjoyed to the end, or else there won’t be any left.
Suffering may be endured to the end, so there won’t be any left.  



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