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Venerable Master’s Dharma Rain

【 上人規矩集要 】

A Collection of the Venerable Master's Rules











As I mentioned earlier:  
Truly recognize your own faults.
Don't discuss the faults of others.
Others' faults are just my own.
Being one with all is called Great Compassion.

Truly recognize your own faults means that you don't only do it superficially. Saying "sorry" isn't enough. You should truly acknowledge your mistakes from your heart. You are just wasting time when you try to find other people's faults without knowing your own, wash others' clothes instead of yours, or fail to clean off your own filth. If you idly gossip from day to night, you are like "the crow that lands on a black pig without seeing that he himself is also black" That's useless.

Now that we are cultivating in a Way-place, we should shine the light within and examine ourselves: "Did I commit offenses or create merit today?" What kind of merit did you create? What offenses did you commit? You must consider this. If you can't fall asleep, you should go over what you did during the day instead of just waiting to die. When you follow the crowd in committing offenses, then you haven't truly recognized your own faults.

Don't discuss the faults of others. How can a cultivator of the Way have time to "do others' laundry" and find their faults? You should discipline yourself so that you are able to overcome your desires and return to propriety. You ought not to see, hear, speak, or do anything that does not accord with propriety. All your actions should be proper. Educated laypeople must abide by laws and rules of etiquette. How much the more must left-home people? In their every move, left-home people should strive to be good models for laypeople rather than bad influences. You are now in a Way-place where you are provided with food, clothing, and shelter; where else can you find a place like this? If you fail to cultivate, then even when you go to the Land of Ultimate Bliss you will commit offenses and be unable to practice the Dharma. However, the three evil paths of the hells, hungry ghosts, and animals don't exist in the Land of Ultimate Bliss, so if you keep committing offenses it will be impossible for you to be reborn there.  

If your attention is focused on other people all day long, you yourself might be acting like a rakshasa ghost without even realizing it. Wouldn't you say that's pathetic? To gossip in a Way-place is a most serious offense. If you don't know how to cultivate in a Way-place, what hope do you have of doing so elsewhere? It'll be too late to bring forth the Bodhi resolve if you wait for eighty thousand great eons! We've now encountered such a wonderful place to cultivate, but if we don't follow the regulations, we won't accomplish anything.

This applies to both left-home and laypeople; left-home people don't have anything over laypeople. As laypeople, if you can truly recognize your own faults and not discuss the faults of others, you will have merit and virtue. All of you should discipline yourselves. Don't "renounce the root to chase after the branches" by finding faults in others. If you find fault with people and gossip in a Way-place, your retribution will be inconceivable. You won't be able to escape it that easily. If you have a glib tongue and your behavior is superficial and insincere, you will simply be cheating yourself and no one else.  

 ~ To be continued  


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