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Your World-Architecture Design Camp for Children


未來的大雄寶殿應是中國式的或是西方式的建築格局?這是一個見仁見智的問題。尚在New School ofArchitecture&Design建築系五年級就讀的印尼籍華裔江果耀居士,聽到很多不同看法後,對這個問題產生了興趣。他認為青少年心智單純,也是世界未來的主人翁,也有權利來發表他們的看法。就在這個理念下,一個別開生面的建築夏令營於是乎誕生了。

7月28日支持他的泰籍華裔教授Krissana Kicharenlap(楊裕盛)、美籍同學Kenneth J.French先生聯袂從聖地牙哥來到了聖城。隨即於7╱29—8╱4舉辦為期七天的夏令營活動。江居士目前是法界佛教青年會的成員;Krissana教授曾在泰國出家九個月,三度來到聖城;French先生曾為建築商人,學然後知不足,再到學院深造。此項活動共有男校學生陳奕誠等八人參加,包括尚在男校就讀的小沙彌果定師和明行師。




Should the architectural style of a temple in America be Chinese or Western? There are different views on this matter. After Upasaka Edwin Kang, a Chinese- Indonesian in his fifth year of architectural studies at New School of Architecture & Design, listened to different opinions, he became interested. He felt that teenagers have pure and simple ideas, and that since they will be the masters of future, they also have the right to express their opinions. Following this concept, the unusual program 'Your World—Architecture Design Camp for Children' was held at the Sagely City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

On July 28th,Edwin came with Krissana Kicharenlap, the Chinese-Thai lecturer who supports him, and Kenneth J. French, his American classmate, to the Sagely City from San Diego. They organized a seven-day summer camp from July 29th to August 4th. Krissana had been a monk in Thailand for nine months and had been to the Sagely Qty three times. Kenneth, who had been in the construction business, is pursuing further education at the college after discovering that his knowledge was inadequate. There were altogether eight participants in the camp, including Grover Chen from the Boys' School and two Shramaneras, Guo Ding Shr and Ming Heng Shr.

Although the program was only seven days long, the three teachers had begun preparations half a year earlier. During the first three days, the teachers lectured on the basic theories of the rising of cities, processes of design, and stages of construction. They analyzed ancient, modern and natural models, giving students a good grasp of the basic concepts. From the fourth day onward, the teachers led the students to work on building schemes and drawings. Inmaking the models, students pushed their imagination and potential to the limit. They made models from materials such as discarded newspaperand corrugated cardboard, learning about recycling in the process.

During the last two days, student work was displayed at the Art Studioin the Sagely City These works included building designs drawn on cardboard, pyramids made from newspaper, and the students' ideal of thatched huts for meditation. As the activities moved from the classroom to the wilderness over the seven days, teachers and students bonded and had a very happy time. Originally, the teachers worried that the students would not be able to take the pressure of the tight schedule from eight in the morning till nine-thirty in the evening. However, by the end of seven days, it was the teachers who were worn out, while the students were in high spirits with no sign of fatigue. The teachers were shocked. Ultimately, should the architectural style of the temple be Chinese or Western? We maybe troubling ourselves needlessly over this issue. The Venerable Master,with his broad outlook, would not have worried about it, for he accepted all religions.


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