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Responses from the First Guaiiyin Session of the Millennium (continued)

講於萬佛城大殿2001年3月 17日星期六觀音七圓滿日晚
Given on the evening of Saturday. Marrh 17. 2001 at the Buddha Hall of the city of Ten Thousand Buddha
比丘尼恆音 中譯 Chinese translation by Bhikshuni Heng Yin














Eileen Hu:

Venerable Master, Dharma Masters, and fellow cultivators: 

My name is Eileen Hu. I'm from Monterey, California. That's about  125 miles south of San Francisco. This is my first time participating  in a Gwan Yin Recitation Session. However, I was here this winter  participating the Chan Session and I felt that I didn't stay long enough.  

I firmly believe that everybody who participates in this recitation  will get some type of response. Whether good, bad or indifferent  depends on the person, their efforts and their karma. I was surprised I  had a response on the first day. Unfortunately, it was not a good  response.

While reading the Universal Chapter, it states that Gwan Yin  Bodhisattva will give people a precious jewel. I thought, "Wow! I  really need a new job, a better paying job. My current job does not  pay enough and I also have credit card debts." I was scolded, " I am  just being greedy. That was my own fault, how come I spent the money  when I didn't have it? I shouldn't use the credit card if I don't have  money." 

On the second day, I had another response. Unfortunately, it wasn't  a good one either. I thought I better not think of worldly things. I  should think about something a little bit more pure. I can only sit in  the half lotus, so I thought, "Wouldn't is be nice if I could sit in full  lotus?" My legs hurt a lot from practicing the Three Steps and One  Bow, which I had never done before. I didn't think that cement could  feel soft, but after bowing on the gravel road, the cement walkway  felt very soft. In addition, I don't like to sit in half lotus. My legs hurt  from the Three Steps and One Bow and from sitting in half lotus. I  thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if Guanyin Bodhisattva could take a  little bit of his sweet dew water and sprinkle it on my knees? Then I  would be very comfortable." I didn't get a response.

Then I had an idle thought, "Why don't I be like the Monkey King,  Sun Wukong, and go to Potola Mountain and take a dip in Guanyin's pool of sweet dew water?" I was scolded again, "I need patience. I  need to practice in order to be able to sit in full lotus."

Now I'm afraid of having responses. First I was scolded for being  greedy, then I was scolded for being impatient. After listening to the  Venerable Master's tape, when he talked about how Guanyin  Bodhisattva is in everybody's heart, I tried to meditate on that topic.  And that brought to mind a story I've heard from an American  inspirational speaker named Earl Nightingale. It's called, "Acres of  Diamonds." The story goes like this:

There was once a poor farmer in South Africa who heard that people  were finding diamonds all over the place. He had been farming all his  life and was still very poor. So he sold his land and went out looking  for diamonds. He searched for his entire life, and he died broke and  penniless. He did not find the diamonds and he did not have his little  piece of land. The new farmer who bought his land was happily tilling  the farm. In the creek at the back of the farm, he found a big, pretty- colored rock, and he put it on his mantelpiece.

One day, a visitor came by. He was very shocked to see the colored  stone on the mantelpiece. He asked the farmer, "Do you know what  this is?" The farmer said, "It's a pretty rock. I found it in the stream at  the back of my farm. There is a lot more in the stream but they are  much smaller." The visitor told him, "That is the biggest diamond  I've ever seen in my life." The farmer said, "Well, this doesn't look  like a diamond to me." The guest replied, "That's because it's not  polished yet. It's a diamond in a rough."

When the Venerable Master said that each one of us has Guanyin Bodhisattva in our hearts, I believe that each of us has a diamond in  our hearts. Some people's are polished and some are still in the rock.  My diamond is still rough, but I'm very lucky because in this Guanyin  Session I found that I have a diamond, a diamond in the rough within  my heart. It's going to take years of diligent cultivation to polish that  diamond before I can offer and share it with humanity. Amitabha.

 (The End)


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