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A letter to the Venerable Master from General Li Yan-Wu

*李炎武 文 By Li Yan-Wu
*編輯部 英譯 English translation by staff

*General Li (far right) with the Venetable Master (center).


此次炎武在臺北皈依,仰仗師父示不可思議之法力,即座頓悟「心燈永明」之義,又皈依後,心中悲念無端而生,一周之內不能忘懷,因有此念在心,其他慾念俱去。由此復悟悲能憫人;亦能制慾。更悟一般稱  觀世音菩薩,均加上「大慈大悲」四字,蓋修持不怛須存慈懷;亦須存悲念也。炎武擬今後即以「心燈永明」四字,隨時持誦,因一覺心有明燈,則善念俱備,誠如師父所語,已明心見性矣!擬即從此勤加修持,不只當否?倘蒙師父賜以數行予以開示,則大幸矣!


*右二為李將軍 General Li, second from right

師父說法畢,在提示佛門弟子,須忍人所不能忍,讓人之所不能讓,即使受人打罵,亦須忍讓之訓誡後,問曰:「有人罵師父,你們將如何?武當時昧於己別識,答以「以笑置之」。又問曰:「有人要殺師父,你們將如何?」答以「挺力而為」。意在替師父死。當以皈依時間太長,恐師父太累,未便另請開示。既退而思之,則覺所答非矣!因師父猶父母,聞人辱罵,以笑置之,未免忍讓過份。似應曉之以理,曉之無效,則拂袖而去,但不可與之對罵。又人欲殺師父,則應先以言詞或力量出而衛護,衛護不成,則替師父死可也。炎武經檢討後,曾書一?事 以更正當時回答之誤,貼於志蓮精舍佛堂壁上,供諸大德參照。不知師父以為當否?

師父離臺時,炎武機場送行,因以往見送師北,多行便禮,此次炎武亦昧然行之,以為是矣。及見臧廣恩師兄行頂禮時,始知錯誤,遂急起補行頂禮。生禮之咎,實緣平時欠修,接觸三寶機會太少,因而規矩欠諳,自己又粗心大意,有以致之。故當向師父頂禮後,不禁汗流浹背,慚觫不已!回至家中,又走於 佛案之前,痛加自責!迄難忘懷。但不知師父能以慈悲之懷,悲此凡識之一昧否?事出倉猝皈依,錯失不一,臨當依依,不勝慚憾之至!專當敬叩








Master of the High Seat of the Way:

When Yan-wu took refuge recently in Taipei, he looked up in awe at the Master's inconceivable Dharma power. When the master was on the High Seat this disciple had a sudden awakening to the meaning of “The Mind's Lamp Is Eternally Bright.”After taking refuge, a tremendous thougth of compassion remained in my mind at all times for about a week. Because of that, this disciple had a further awakening to how sever desire. This desciple further realized why it is that most people , when reciting the name of Guanshiyin Bodhisattva, add on the words, “Greatly Kind and Greatly Compassionate.” It is because those who cultivate in this way must not only maintain a heart of kindness, but also must maintain compassionate thoughts. From thoday on this disciple will at all times cultivate and maintain the words “The Mind's Lamp Is Eternal Bright,”because upon awakening to the mind's lamp, this diciple has been totally filled with good thoughts. These thoughts are truly as the Master desceribes,“understanding the mind and seeingthe nature.”Would the Master say it is appropriate for me to diligently cultivate in this way? If the Master would give but a line or two of instruction, this disciple  would be most happy.     

At the refuge ceremony when the Master  was on the High Seat speaking Dharma, Yan- wu noticed that the Master first appeared to  be a Bodhisattva, and then appeared to be a  great General. Then these two appearances  began alternating in rapid and endless  succession while at the same time his Dharma  fingers opened out in a compassionate gesture  and closed up into a fierce fist again and again  without cease. Yan-wu became totally  enthralled and absorbed in watching this and  suddenly had the awakening to the mind's  lamp. After the ceremony was finished this  disciple asked those of great virtue who had  been in attendance if any of them had seen the Master manifests such Dharma appearances. No one had seen them. Yan-wu alone had seen them. Again, how fortunate!     

After the Master finished speaking Dharma he instructed his disciples: "You  should bear what others cannot bear; yield what others cannot yield. Even if you  are beaten or scolded you should bear it and be yielding." After that instruction he  asked, "If someone were to scold your Maser what would you do?"     

At that time, Yan-wu was muddled and unclear and blurted out in reply, "Laugh  it off."
The Master said, "What if someone wanted to kill your Master?"  

This disciple immediately answered, "Use my strength to take action." The meaning being that this disciple would die in the Master's stead. Because the ceremony for taking refuge had been long, it was feared the Master was too tired, and so it was too inconvenient to ask for instruction at that time.   

After this disciple left he realized that "Laugh it off' was not the way to be  patient and yielding. This disciple should have said that he would try to explain  the doctrine to that person, and if that person still did not understand, then this  disciple would "shake out his sleeves and leave," that is, he would have nothing  more to do with him. It would not be appropriate to scold that person in return.  And if someone wanted to kill the Master, upon further reflection, that answer was also not right. This disciple should have said he would try to reason with the  person or would use his strength to protect the Master. If he could not sufficiently protect the Master, then he would die in the Master's stead. After Yan-wu thought this over, he wrote a note and told how these two answers were incorrect, and  what he felt he should have said, and tacked the note on the wall of the Zhilian Hermitage (the temple where the Maser had spoken Dharma and transmitted the three refuges) to let those of great virtue examine it and judge for themselves. This disciple doesn't know what the Master would say about this.     

When the Master departed from Taiwan, Yan-wu went to see the Master off. Because he observed that others just gave the Master a brief bow Yan-wu did likewise, and thought that he had done the right thing. But then Zang Guan-en  arrived and made a full prostration before the Master. Seeing that, Yan-wu realized his mistake, and immediately tried to correct it by making a full prostration before  the Master right there and then. The reason for this breach of etiquette was that  this disciple has not cultivated, nor has he had much opportunity to be in the  presence of the Triple Jewel, and so he does not know the rules. Adding to that the fact that he is a coarse person, these were the factors that contributed to the mistake. Because of his previous mistake, after Yan-wu finished his full prostration before  the Master, his back broke out in a profuse sweat and he experienced total and endless shame! After he returned home, he knelt before the Buddha at the altar in  his home and painfully chastised himself further. It is still difficult to forget. This  disciple doesn't know if the Master will extend his compassion to forgive this  disciple's vulgar lack of clarity. Having been a disciple for such a short time, Yan- wu has already made so many mistakes! As he writes, this feeling of regret remains with him still. It is impossible to say how agitated and regretful—how deeply  sorry he is. It is concerning these matters that Yan-wu has written the Master, and respectfully bows.

Compassion and peace,

common disciple
Li Yan-wu

P.S. After the refuge ceremony this disciple wrote out the four words "The Mind's Lamp Is Eternally Bright" on a scroll and has airmailed it to the Master by way of remembrance.



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