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Instilling Goodness/Developing VirtueSchools Newsletter (Excerpt)

2000年12月 15日 December 15, 2000











From the Founder: Studying Hard Is a Way to Be Filial

Students, you should understand how to be filial. At home, listen to  your parents, help your mom clean the house, help your dad mow the  lawn and do other chores. At school, listen to the teacher's instructions, concentrate, study hard, and don't waste precious time. To learn a new  word or a new grammar rule every day is a way of being filial to your  parents.     

Be a good student at school and a good son or daughter at home.  Listen to your parents and elders. Be filial and respectful to them,  since they have more experience and knowledge than you do. Leam  from them and take them as your models so that you can have a  promising future.     

Students, you should set goals for yourselves. Persevere in your  studies so that in the future you can achieve great things and be  outstanding. When it's time to study, then study diligently. Don't goof  off or waste time; instead, be earnest in learning all skills. Then you  won't disappoint your parents, teachers, or the school.     

This is a Buddhist school that teaches students to become good  and useful people. I hope in the future you'll work for the welfare of  all of the people in the world. Truly apply yourself to your studies and  don't waste a single minute. Your motto should be:

With diligence, one can forge a path 
through the mountain of books;
By studying hard, one can cross
the boundless ocean of knowledge.

Be patient and persevering, not lazy. Learn to be frugal. Cherish even a sheet of paper or a pen. You should lead disciplined lives: Go  to bed early and rise early, watch less television, read plenty of good  books, finish your homework after you come home, and constantly  review what you have learned. It is said, "Reviewing what you have  learned will aid you in learning new knowledge." You derive benefit  every time you review.

--Venerable Master Hua

From Girls School Principal: Read More Books

Dear Parents and Families:
The Winter Holidays are three weeks of precious time for family gatherings, relaxing, and various religious celebrations. As parents  and caregivers, please make sure to spend some quality time with  your child, making them feel especially cared for and cherished.      

The holidays are also a wonderful time for children to read for pleasure. Our students may have a certain amount of homework to complete,  but other than that, we hope you will encourage them to read  wholesome books of their own choosing by taking them to the library, providing a cozy and quiet place for reading at home, and reading  together with younger children. In our modern age of T.V. and  computers and Internet, few children have a chance to experience  the profound pleasure and benefit of reading. Reading good books  helps develop vocabulary, imagination, concentration, and general understanding. Our faculty and staff sincerely hope you as parents  will limit electronic entertainment and make an effort to encourage  reading at home. We will certainly be able to tell the difference when students come back to school!


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