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上人法雨 Venerable Master's Dharma Rain

Instructional Talks by the Venerable Master during a
Buddha Recitation Session at Buddha Root Farm

一九七五年八月於美國奧立崗州 August 1975, on Buddha Root Farm on the Smith River near Reedsport, Oregon
國際譯經學院記錄翻譯 Translated by the International Translation Institute




1975年 8月23日星期六晚

弟子:我差不多三、四歲的時候摔了交,那時候感覺好像離這個地方很遠,到了一個很光明的地方,黃色的光明,在這個時候覺得Everything is Okay。最近幾個禮拜,一切都很好,我覺得好像回到家了。請問我小時候的那個境界跟現在的情形有沒有關係?

















Saturday, August 23, 1975 (afternoon)

Now we are all investigating the Buddhadharma, and we did so in former lives. In former lives we made vows to propagate the Buddhadharma, and in this life, quite unconsciously, we have gone down that road again. This is because we vowed to spread the Dharma in past lives. Here in this country where there is no Buddhadharma, because of past vows, we have come to help the Buddhadharma grow and prosper. In past lives we made such vows, in the present we are carrying them out, and in the future they will be fulfilled. So don't ask what nationality you were in a past life or how you have been reborn in America. No matter what nationality you were in your last life, you were a person. So you don't need to ask. Do you understand? You still don't know? Then you're really dreaming.

No matter what nationality people are, they should be good to­wards everyone. They should think, "If someone is bad to me, I will forgive them. I will treat everyone well. I will forget the evil done to me. I will look for the good points in others and not for their faults." If everyone were like that, there would be no war in the world. Why are there wars? It's because everyone looks for the faults in others, and no one looks for the good points. So, day by day, there is more and more trouble in the world.

Saturday, August 23, 1975 (evening)

Disciple: When I was three or four years old, I suffered a fall. At that time, I had a feeling of going far away to a place that was filled with golden-yellow light. It felt steady and mellow, and everything was okay. The way everything has been going for the last few weeks for me, as I've said before at the monastery, I felt like I was coming home. Now, I was wondering what this experience I had when I was really little amounts to in relationship to my present experience.

Venerable Master: Of course there is a relationship. It's telling you not to forget. It's like crystal, through which you can see from one side to the other. It's telling you to see through things.

Disciple: Ever since I was little, I have had a lot of strange sicknesses.

Venerable Master: No matter what sickness you've had, you haven't died, and so now you ought to cultivate.

Disciple: Okay, I will cultivate.

Venerable Master: Does anyone have anything to say?

Disciple: The Master has likened the experience of enlightenment to earning a college degree. Shakyamuni Buddha had to cultivate for three great eons before he became a Buddha. Is the "schedule" for enlightenment fixed in any way or could one, through diligent cultivation, exhaust one's karmic obstacles in a single lifetime and manifest one's original face, that is, obtain the Buddha's wisdom very quickly?

Venerable Master: Have you heard the story of Dhyana Master Gao Fengmiao?

Disciple: Dhyana Master Gao Fengmiao? Was he the one with the human-faced sore?

Venerable Master: No. He's the one who went to sit in meditation on top of a mountain which looked like an inverted lotus. When he fell asleep, he fell over the edge, and Weitou Bodhisattva caught him in mid-air.

Disciple: Yes, I've heard the story.

Venerable Master: You heard it told by Guo You, but I don't know if his is the same version as mine. Probably they're about the same. You can find the answer there. Do you remember how the story goes?

Disciple: I have to think about it.

Venerable Master: Weitou Bodhisattva said, "You are so arrogant, I won't protect your Dharma for eighty thousand great eons." Why did he say that? Isn't that what he said?

Disciple: Yeah. And later Dhyana Master Gao Fengmiao repented, and Weitou Bodhisattva...

Venerable Master: He fell over the cliff again, and Weitou Bodhisattva caught him in the air again. Then he asked, "You said you wouldn't protect my Dharma for eighty thousand great eons Why then have you come to save me?" And what did Weitou Bodhisattva say?

Disciple: Weitou Bodhisattva said, "There are tons of arrogant people. But if you have a single thought of sincere repentance, I will come to protect your Dharma again."

Venerable Master: It's not "if," it's "because." "If indicates a possible event, whereas "because" states that it definitely occurred. So it should be, "because you repented." "If you repent" means you haven't repented yet. Right?

Disciple: Yes.

Venerable Master: "Because you repented, you surpassed eighty thousand great eons." Isn't that what he said?

Disciple: Probably. I don't remember.

Venerable Master: Do you understand the answer to your question now?

Disciple: Yes.

[This is the synopsis of the story given in the book—compiled from what the Master and the translator said and filling in a bit.]

To be continued


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