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【 水鏡回天錄白話解 】

Reflections in Water and Mirrors Reversing the Tide of Destiny

A Critique of Nikita Kruschev(continued)

宣公上人講於舊金山金山聖寺1986年5月2日 Essay, verses, and commentary by Venerable Master Hua at Gold Mountain Monastery, May 2, 1986
編輯部 英譯 English Translation by Editorial Staff












太空時代 竟有狂夫
剛愎自用 不加謀籌
粗而無文 不講理由
信口狂吠 哀哉鳴呼






There was another incident in the Xinjiang area. One time, without making a formal declaration of war, Kruschev launched a surprise attack on the Xinjiang border. Since that was not far away from Beijing, Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai were at their wits' end. Mao's hair stood on end and Zhou was not well. Mao Zedong was scared, and so he sent for and consulted with Zhou Enlai, trying to decide whether they were going to fight with the Russians. If they went to battle, they feared they did not have sufficient troops, that they did not have ample strength to combat the Russians. When they could not come up with a solution, Premier Zhou suggested, "Let's discuss it with Xiaoping."

Chairman Mao immediately said, "Hah! Why him?"

"He has a bit of wisdom. We should see what he has to say," replied Premier Zhou. Thereupon they found Deng Xiaoping. Mao Zedong took a spectator's stance, to see what solution Deng Xiaoping could come up with. Deng said, "That's no problem. We can resolve it in two hours. It doesn't matter how many troops the Russians have."

Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong were taken aback. They said, "Neither of us has a solution, and yet you say you can solve the problem within two hours. How could it be that easy? "

Deng Xiaoping told them, "Right now we can announce that we are experimenting with our atomic bomb in Xinjiang. All of the enemy troops-no matter how many of them there are-will be killed in the explosion. Since they haven't declared war to begin with, now that we announce that we are testing atomic bombs in our own country, they can't do anything about it."

Zhou and Mao thought that was an excellent method, and so they re­called all the Chinese troops from Xinjiang, dropped an atomic bomb from an airplane, and made an international declaration that China was experi­menting with atomic bombs in Xinjiang. Many Soviet troops were killed on that occasion. They took a loss but could not complain, and from then on they dared not send their troops over to China anymore.

From this you can see they did not have much wisdom in the Soviet Union. They acted without regard for the consequences. They had not expected China to counter the attack with an atomic bomb, and so, the policy of sending troops to attack another country without making a formal declaration of war simply would not work.

However, in the end, Kruschev met with defeat and returned to his own country, with his tail between his legs. He was like a little bird who could not fly, and he returned crestfallen to his own country. He incurred shame and disgrace in international circles. People around the world criticized him for being stupid and ignorant. And he invited the scorn of sensible people. Those who had common sense laughed at him. Once he made a scene in the United Nations, during which he took off his shoe and banged it on the table. The United Nations was a civilized place, where everybody got together to listen to reason. However, Kruschev was as if deranged. He took off his shoe and banged it on the table. He stirred up such a ruckus in the United Nations that everyone looked down on him even more, regarding him as if he were a child. On that occasion, he furiously slandered America. He scolded the United States, saying that he wanted to bury America. His vile ranting reflected the extent of his ignorance. He spoke very vulgar and impolite words, and this re­flected the extent of his own ignorance as well as that of the people of the Soviet Union. If they had any common sense, how could they have picked such a coarse person as their premier? After his death, his body was whipped. Even after his death, people slandered and prosecuted him. How tragic! This was indeed pathetic, a very sad thing. How could such a person have been elected as the country's leader? He was imperious and reckless, very foolhardy and not afraid of anything.

A verse in critique says: 

In this space age 
There was such a mad man 
Who, indomitable and overconfident 
Had neither foresight nor prudence. 
Vulgar and coarse, 
Totally unyielding to reason, 
He opened his mouth and barked insanely: 
What a tragedy!


In this space age, / There was such a mad man. In this present age, we have made progress into the reaches of outer space, and yet there's such a foolish and insane person.

Who, indomitable and overconfident. He was very stubborn, only knowing about himself and not knowing that there were others. Had no forethought or prudence. He never bothered to think twice. He simply went ahead and did whatever came to his mind. Vulgar and coarse, without any culture to speak of, he was totally unyielding to reason. He was very unreasonable. He opened his mouth and barked insanely. In the United Nations, he scolded and talked as if deranged. What a tragedy! This was really pathetic, to the point that even after his death, people still thought he was pitiful. 

  (The End)


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