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【 水鏡回天錄白話解 】

Reflections in Water and Mirrors Reversing the Tide of Destiny

A Critique of Nikita Kruschev

宣公上人講於舊金山金山聖寺1986年5月2日 Essay, verses, and commentary by Venerable Master Hua at Gold Mountain Monastery, May 2, 1986
編輯部 英譯 English Translation by Editorial Staff








The Russian people have a nature that is wild and rough, and they are given to promiscuity. The majority of their political leaders behave in a tyrannical and egotistic fashion, insisting on having their own way. Au- dacious and reckless, they have no regard for the consequences of their actions. The late Premier Nikita Kruschev is one such example. Incorrigible and bombastic, making decisions without consulting others, he severed relations with China, resulting in an alienation that made the two nations as incompatible as fire and water. On many occasions the Russian army encroached upon Chinese territory such as in the Treasure Island Incident. However, in the end Kruschev met with defeat and retreated to his own country, with his tail between his legs. He incurred shame and disgrace in international circles, and invited the scorn of sensible people. Once he made a scene in the the United Nations, during which he took off his shoe and banged it on the table, furiously slandering America. His vile ranting reflected the extent of his ignorance. After his death, his body was whipped-how tragic!

This is a short critique of the political leader Nikita Kruschev of the Soviet Union. In international circles, the Soviet Union is known as the polar bear. Although the polar bear is so fierce and strong that even tigers fear it, none- theless, it is quite dumb. For instance, in a corn field, the bear will try to grab one ear of corn with one of his paws and stick it underneath his other armpit. But by this time, the corn underneath the first armpit has fallen on the ground. The bear picks up the corn with one paw, but he loses the corn with the other. By the time he gets to the end of the cornfield, he is still in possession of only one ear of corn.

The Russian people have a nature that is wild and rough. They are rough and impolite. And they are given to promiscuity. They do not follow the rules or the moral precepts. The men look for women everywhere they go. When they were in China, they went everywhere asking for "Madam, madam," which means woman. A Russian man would not notice any woman standing behind him. He would still be oblivious even if he turned around. Would you say these Russian men are stupid or not? Basically if a young man had someone behind him, he would at least notice, but these Russian men would not, and so they are easily fooled.

The majority of their political leaders behave in a tyrannical and egotistic fashion. Most of them are unruly, disregarding the rules and acting in whatever way they want to. They refuse to listen to other people's advice, and behave in an uninhibited fashion, with no regard for anyone else. Insisting on having their own way. They behave like dictators, and are audacious and reckless. They have a lot of gall. Bears are like that too; they are very brave and not afraid of people. Bears can in fact devour the flesh on people's faces. This is because there are thorns on the bear's tongue. All they have to do is lick a person's face, and that person's face will be gone. These political lead- ers have no regard for the consequences of their actions. They do not consider the effects of their actions. The late premier Nikita Kruschev is one such example. He was a typical case.

Incorrigible and bombastic-the deceased former premier was wild and irrational to the extreme. He only knew about himself; he had no idea that there were other people. Although he was stupid, he refused to listen to other people. He severed relations with China. He cut off all relations with China-they were not going to be friends anymore, thus resulting in an alienation. This intensified into a situation where China wanted to go to war with Russia, and Russia wanted to go to war with China. Basically, as neighbors they should have been friends, but now they became enemies. This state of antagonism was all Kruschev's making. Why did he do this? He thought China would not be able to do anything without him. This, one could say, was the good fortune of China. Because if China had not backed off and recalled her troops at that time, it is to be feared that China would have fallen into the hands of the Russians, and there would not be any China right now. It was fortunate that China recalled her troops, and knew to take precautions. The two nations were pitted against each other and were incompatible as fire and water. Fire and water cannot exist side by side, and they could not tolerate each other.

On many occasions, the Russian army encroached upon the Chinese territory, such as the Treasure Island Incident. Soviettroops often attacked the Chinese border. For instance, in Treasure Island, many of the Soviet troops were captured by the Chinese. And later on they were defeated. Khruschev realized he was not going to win, so he stopped To be continued

to be continued

上人語錄 Venerable Master's Dharma Words
◆Cultivators should cultivate the Way in order to end birth and death and cross over living beings, not for the sake of obtaining a response.


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