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Report from Dharma Realm Buddhist Association Board of Directors

法總董事會秘書處提供 By Secretary of DRBA Board






五、成立「公共健康委員會」(由比丘恆律、比丘尼恆良任顧問;委員包括比丘尼恆賢、恆頤、恆護、恆選、沙彌尼恆定、居士朱建和、易果參、果通(Fran Laughton)、果須(BarbaraWaugh)、易果涵)研討傳染疾病的相關法規及醫療檢驗等事宜,並向董事會提交報告。











In October, 1999, the Board of Directors of DRBA passed a resolution mandating that a report be written to all members of DRBA bi-monthly. The report is to record all the major decisions reached, policies decided upon, committees formed, and other pertinent business. This is the first report, which covers the October 10, 1999 meeting.

1) A resolution passed to purchase a parking lot located strategically to the east of the new Gold Buddha Monastery.

2) A design plan outlining the expansion of Avatamsaka Monastery in Calgary was shown to the Board. A recommendation followed to investigate the foundation and structure to determine how many stories they will support and then to redesign to expand to the maximum. [Note: At the December, 1999 meeting the Tang dynasty style expansion was reviewed and financing was approved for the project.]

3) A resolution passed to finance the construction of soccer field/basketball courts for both the boys' and the girls' schools at CTTB.

4) A resolution passed to finance painting the exterior of the two girls' schools at CTTB.

5) A Public Health Committee was formed [composed of Heng Lyu Shi and Heng Liang Shi as advisors; Heng Hsien Shi, Heng Yi Shi, Heng Hu Shi, Heng Hsuan Shi, Heng Ding Shi, John Chu, Terri Nicholson, Fran Laughton, Barbara Waugh, and Ocean Epstein] to investigate the laws, medical tests, etc., involved in contagious diseases and to report to the Board on those matters.

6) A resolution passed to approve the DRBU Jan-Jun 2000 budget.

7) Y2K issues were discussed by Mr. William Jeng. Everyone should take special note of these.

  1. DRBA branches should get copies of their accounts' bank statements during the last week of December 1999 (so that if banks have trouble over the new year, DRBA Way-places will have records to show their account balances.)
  2. Save all data on all computers to disk, zip, CD. Best to make two back-ups. Accounting programs' data will be especially vulnerable.
  3. Acquire some drinking water and a supply of food in case there are problems in the first days of the new year.
  4. Don't travel on New Year's Eve. Avoid travel & large crowds over the holidays. [This is also a US government warning.]

8) Report that the new center [donated and built for DRBA] in Australia is now ready for DRBA members to occupy. DRBA monks will go there to reside in late February 2000.

9) BTTS held a meeting Saturday, December 11, 1999 at the International Translation Institute. Reports on European language, Chinese, English, and bilingual publications were given. John Hall and Lucie Yang volunteered to pilot two web sites for BTTS. One will be a working site, where interested people can go to check on the progress of BTTS projects and to find jobs they might wish to do.

The site address is www.snetworking.com/bttsinfo. The second pilot involves on-line sales of BTTS publications (no address yet).


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