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Venerable Master's Talk:
Better to Walk a Foot than Speak Ten Feet

喜亞 英譯 Translated by Xi Ya


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我們現在這兒有幾個人,剛剛都要開悟的樣子,可是就要修這種利益人的 心,把自已忘了他。有的人就想說:「誰?」反正不 是你!因為你問了;你要不問或者就是你。你這一 問,就知道不是你了。因為要是你,你怎麼會問呢 ?你想一想,我講這個道理很合乎邏輯的。你不要 問是誰;你要問,就問你自己在什麼時候可以開悟 ?什麼時候可以生大智慧?你問問自己。你不要問 是誰?我也不問是誰,就是要實實在在去修行。




Editor's Note: On the 24th of October, the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas held a head-shaving ceremony for novice monks and nuns. Congratulations to the Sangha for its new blood. Vajra Bodhi Sea plans to compile the Venerable Master's instructions to his disciples on observing regulations that he gave over the years. These directions will guide the new disciples while providing an opportunity for the more senior disciples to familiarize themselves with this material. Below is a sample of the publications to come. May these words encourage every one of us.

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...As we study the Buddhadharma, we should apply what we know. If we refuse to practice the bit of dharma we understand, then we are essentially ignorant. Ignorant, you are uninformed and refuse to put knowledge into practice. Once you understand the Buddhadharma, you must apply it. You should cultivate one firm step at a time so that you leave behind an imprint for every step; as you do so, you soundly and solidly advance in your practice.

It's crucial to benefit others in your cultivation. In other words, you should help people, not help yourself. You ought to forget yourself. To cultivate is simply to aid others in your every move and every act, overlooking yourself.

What's the most critical part of cultivation? Avoid jealousy, obstructive tendencies and afflictions. You must sever afflictions; otherwise, you will not be liberated from birth and death. When I say, "sever afflictions," I mean that you should change —convert misery into Bodhi. When you generate wisdom rather than stupidity, you exhibit Bodhi. Conversely, when you are foolish rather than wise, you worry. The key to learning and upholding the Buddhadharma is not to agonize over minutia, but to possess no jealousy or obstructive tendencies. Thus, we must apply the Buddha-dharma as we study it daily. You may articulate flawlessly, you may speak fantastically, but without practice, there is no path. Regardless of how eloquent you are, you cannot obtain the Way without honest action.

We have a few people here who appear to be on the verge of enlightenment. They need to cultivate this path of benefiting others and forgetting themselves, however. Someone wants to know, "Who are they?" Since you asked this question, it certainly is not you! It might have been you if you didn't ask. However, because you did ask, we know it's not you. If you were about to become enlightened, why would you have this question? Think about it, this is quite logical. Don't ask me who they are, but ask yourself when you'll become enlightened. When will your great wisdom appear? Ask yourself. Don't wonder about these people. I don't speculate who these individuals are; I just cultivate honestly.

To cultivate you must first be patient. You have to be patient with everything. Let me tell you, you should withstand poverty--the poorer you are the better. Indigence? I will endure impoverishment because being penniless is being pure. The destitute way is the path for cultivators. Trouble follows at the heel of money. Once you have money you won't cultivate. That's why you ought to be broke.

You shall bear not only poverty, but hunger too. No food to eat? There'll be provisions tomorrow. It's okay that there's none today as long as you are patient. You must be patient when you have no clothes. You must be patient when you are cold. You must be patient with wind and rain. Cultivators should be able to endure everything and fear nothing. Is that the most difficult? Well, I will want to do that!

Is that the most bitter? Well, I will want to cultivate that! I must battle against suffering and difficulty. Once you break through this impasse, you will have succeeded. If you cannot cross this threshold, you will have failed. Therefore, all of you should know, all talk and no action is useless. It's better to walk a foot than to speak ten feet. I hope every one of you will focus on action and not just talk.

The End

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