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Instructional Talks by the Venerable Master during
a Buddha Recitation Session at Buddha Root Farm

Given in August 1975, on Buddha Root Farm on the Smith River near Reedsport, Oregon



我們現在是頭一次在這深山裡邊,講這個甚深的妙法。可以說是這個國家,有歷史以來是第一次。尤其我們這些個人,從四面八方來的;有從洛杉磯來的,又有從San Francisco(三藩市)來的,可見這些人都有誠懇的心;沒有誠懇的心,不會到這個地方來。他去看看電影,跳跳舞啊,或者喝喝酒啊,打打牌啊,或者去打高爾夫球啊,或者去打什麼football(足球)啊,種種的滑冰、滑雪,很多很好玩的事情,他不去。那麼這就證明這些人都有很多誠心。





那麼你沒有這種眞心呢?我也對你們說一說。我為你們的這種眞心,我這幾天和蚊蟲簽了一個合同。和這個蚊子簽了什么合同呢?我說,所有參加這個唸佛法門的,參加這個法會的這個人,我希望你們所有這個蚊蟲,都不要咬他們;如果你們想要咬的話,先來咬我,喝我一點血,沒有關係。我願意布施給牠們我自己的血,不要咬這個參加唸佛法門的這個人,不論是我的皈依弟子,或不是皈依弟子,都一律平等待遇,不可以給他們麻煩。所以你們以後哪一個要是被蚊子咬了的話,就告訴我一聲。被一個蚊子咬了,就告訴我一個蚊子咬你;兩個蚊子咬,就告訴我說有兩個蚊子咬你,因為我好和牠去算這個數目。因為我和牠簽的lease這個合同;牠不履行牠這個條約,這個我可以告訴court(法庭),sue him(告他)!有的人就說,蚊子咬我,我也不敢講;因為一講了,法師你又講我沒有眞心唸佛了。若是你不講,是你自己欺騙自己,不關我的事。


上人:那你可以叫他成佛去。You can say, "I vow you will go to Buddhahood first."



Continued from last issue: Tuesday, August 19, 1975 (afternoon)

We are now conducting a Buddha Recitation Session. The Dharma-door of chanting "Na-mo A-mi-to-fo" is not easy to encounter. It is said:

        Supreme, profound, wondrous Dharma 
        Is hard to meet in a million eons. 
        I see it, accept, hear, and uphold it, 
        And I vow to understand 
            the Tathagata's true principle.

Supreme, profound, wondrous Dharma. It may look to you like Buddha Recitation is very easy, yet this method is quite rare and hard to find. You should all think about it: In America alone, how many people understand the Dharma-door of Buddha Recitation? Many people will say, "Buddhists sit in Zen meditation." Others say, "Cultivate the Secret School. It's fantastic. It's a secret." Very few truly understand how to recite the Buddha's name. In America such a Dharma assembly has simply never been held before. This is the very first timethat the deep, deep, and wonderful Dharma has been explained in the countryside. You might say our Dharma assembly is unprecedented in the history of this country. And what is more, people have come from the four quarters to attend, including such distant places as Los Angeles and San Francisco. This demonstrates real sincerity. If they were not sincere, they would not have come all this way. They'd be at the movies instead, or out dancing, drinking, playing cards, shooting a few holes of golf, playing football, iceskating, skiing, or whatever. However, these people have abandoned such pleasant diversions to chant "Amitabha" in the mountains.

Is hard to encounter in a million eons. Although it is hard to meet, you have now encountered it.

I see it, accept, hear, and uphold it. Now you have met with the Buddhadharma and know how to recite the Buddha's name.

And vow to understand the Tathagata's true principle. Vow to understand the true principles of the Dharma-door of the Pure Land.

You are all sincere and today I am very happy. Why? Because you have evoked a response and stopped the rain. It didn't rain last night and it didn't rain today. That's two days. This proves that you are earnest in your recitation. If it rains tomorrow, you've retreated. But if it doesn't, then you will have created three dry days. If it doesn't rain for a whole week, that will be conclusive evidence of genuine effort on your part.

Since you are all so earnest, I will tell you what I've been doing. In the last few days I have negotiated and signed a contract with the mosquitoes. It says,

Mosquitoes are not allowed to bite participants in the recitation session. Should they feel compelled to bite someone, they shall bite me first. This applies equally to all those attending, regardless of whether or not they are my disciples. Mosquitoes are not allowed to make trouble for anyone.

So they will bite me first because it doesn't matter if the mosquitoes drink a little of my blood; I want to give it away. After this, if anyone is bitten by a mosquito, please report it to me. If bitten by one mosquito, tell me. If two bite you, announce, "I've been bitten twice!" and I'll take it up with them. After all, they did sign a contract and if they don't live up to it, I just might take them to court!

Someone is thinking, "If I do, Dharma Master, you will say I'm not reciting sincerely." Well, if you don't tell me, you'll just cheat yourself. It's none of my business. Do as you please!

Disciple: Master, just as the subject of mosquitoes came up, one flew by my ear and I believe it is still biting me.

The Master: Oh? Very well, you can take it to Buddhahood. Tell it, "I vow that you will become a Buddha first."

To be continued


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