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Dharma Talks in Europe
The Spiritual Mantra of Great Compassion Penetrates Heaven and Earth

A talk given on October 14, 1990, at the Avatamsaka Temple in Brussels, Belgium







From this, we should know that if we recite the Great Compassion Mantra sincerely, it certainly works. The Great Compassion Mantra penetrates heaven and earth, and can cure all the 84,000 kinds of illnesses in the world. But those who recite the mantra have to be sincere for it to work. They also have to refrain from lying for it to be efficacious. If you lie all the time, then reciting the Great Compassion Mantra will not have any effect.

I remember a girl from Penang, Malaysia, whose last name was Wang. In her past life she had done a lot of hunting and had killed many creatures, and so in this life she was mute. She came to listen to the Sutra lecture. After the lecture, I told her to sincerely recite Guanshiyin Bodhisattva's name and the Great Compassion Mantra. Everyone also recited for her. And then she herself was able to speak and recite Guanyin Bodhisattva's name.

The following morning, there were over a dozen people asking me to help this mute person and that mute person to gain the ability to speak. There were over a dozen people, and it would have been impossible. But the fathers of these mutes could speak, and they said, "Last night you helped that mute girl regain the capacity of speech; today you should help these ones do the same. If you don't, we will criticize you in the newspapers and sue you in court." See how much trouble this Dharma Master brought upon himself, all because of his eagerness to help others! If I had not concerned myself with a single mute, I wouldn't have had all this trouble.

In Vancouver, Canada, there was a woman surgeon. When she was in medical school, people made fun of her, saying, "You dare to study medicine? In medical school you have to do experiments on dead people. Are you daring enough to do that?" Hearing that, she immediately took a knife, cut a piece of flesh from a corpse, and ate it. Her classmates were stunned and exclaimed that she really had guts, daring to eat the flesh of a corpse. This woman was a surgeon, and her surgical skill was both swift and precise. However, the ghost of the corpse whose flesh she had eaten often bothered her in her sleep. From somewhere she heard that ghosts were afraid of me, and that if she took refuge with me she would get better. She looked for an opportunity to take refuge with me. After she had taken refuge, the ghost stopped bothering her at night. Then she began to lecture on the Buddhadharma, using her status as a doctor. She told people that the Buddhadharma is very flexible. She said that everyone can become a Buddha without having to cultivate or hold the precepts, because everyone is a Buddha to begin with. She said there was no need to lead a morally disciplined life, so she herself smoked and drank. She went everywhere saying such things, and eventually her retribution caught up with her. She got cancer. She had an operation and thought she was cured, but it still hurt terribly. She ended up having five or six operations in all. The doctors told her that there was no hope and that she would die.

Then she called a friend in New York to say goodbye. She told her friend how the doctors had said she would die and how there was no cure, and that she was still in great pain after all the operations. Her friend, who didn't know me personally, wrote to me saying, "My friend is a doctor who understands the Buddhadharma. She has cancer. If she were to get well, she would be able to save other people. She could use her status as a doctor to propagate the Buddhadharma, and would be of great help to Buddhism." I wrote back asking who the person was. Her friend was aware that she had taken refuge with me.

I remember that after she had gotten cancer, she had come to see me in Canada once. When I asked her if she was sick, she had denied it. She wasn't ready to admit it. Then I scolded her. I scolded her until she couldn't bear it anymore. When she stood up and was about to run away, I slapped her face and said, "I'm chasing away the little ghost! Let's see what this big ghost can do!" Strangely enough, that slap chased her cancer away. That happened in Canada. Why was it possible? Because I have never told a lie. If you tell lies, nothing is efficacious. If you don't, everything is efficacious. That's why I hope Buddhists will not contend, be greedy, seek things, be selfish, pursue personal advantages, or tell lies. This is very important.

The Great Compassion Mantra penetrates heaven and earth,and can cure all the 84,000 kinds of illnesses in the world.


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