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Some members of the translation group in Argentina








At the Children’s Hospital in Buenos Aires

In response to invitations from Dr. Fuad Gattaz Sobrinho of Brazil and Ms. Ana Benasayag of Argentina, the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (DRBA) sent a delegation to South America from July 15 to August 18, to explore the Buddha's teachings with the people there and to discuss the work of translating the Buddhist scriptures. The delegation consisted of Bhikshunis Heng Liang, Heng Syin, Heng Yin, and Heng Jhuang, and Dharma-protecting laywomen Rebecca Lee and Shou-chu Chen. Everywhere they went, they were warmly received. The people showed tremendous interest in Buddhism and were very eager to learn more about the Dharma.

The Venerable Master once said that after the Buddhism came westward to the United States of America, it would flourish next in South America, then in other places in the West, and finally return eastward to Asia. In April of 1973, the Venerable Master traveled alone to Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. He stayed in South America for two months and recited the Great Compassion Mantra many times. Thus the seeds for this trip to South America were planted more than twenty years ago.

The delegation first visited São Paulo, Brazil, for a week, where they met with the members of Dr. Gattaz's International Institute for Systems Integration, visited the slums, discussed Buddhism, and related stories of the Venerable Master's life. Following that the delegation went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they gave lectures at the Foundation of Art and Movement, the National Institute of Dance, the National Museum of Oriental Art, the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, the Psychoanalytic Association of Argentina, and the Graduate School of Psycology. In these lectures they introduced the Venerable Master and Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, and discussed "The Ten Dharma Realms Are Not Beyond A Single Thought," the Shuran-gama Sutra (especially the sections on the Ten Habits, Six Interrelated Retributions, and the Fifty Demonic States), and the Brahma Net Sutra Bodhisattva Precepts. The lectures were received with great enthusiasm. The delegation was moved to see how receptive people were to the Buddha's teachings.

Father Varela of the local Catholic parish "Our Lady of La Rábida" invited the delegation to join Sunday mass by chanting the Incense Praise, the Praise to Guanyin Bodhisattva, the Great Compassion Mantra, and Guanyin's name. On August 10, National Children's Day, the delegation visited a Catholic Children's Hospital to distribute gifts, visit the sick children, and exchange ideas with the Catholic nuns.

Another objective of the delegation was to respond to a request to organize a translation group in Argentina. Some people had already translated the Earth Store Sutra into Spanish following the Venerable Master's commentary. “The Universal Door Chapter” of the Lotus Sutra has also been translated to Spanish as well as Portuguese. Many people are interested in doing translation, and most of the Sutras published by DRBA, as well as the Ven. Master's Dharma talks, have been assigned to people to translate. Hopefully these projects will soon be completed, so that Spanish-speaking and Portu-guese-speaking people will soon have access to more Buddhist teachings.

During their stay in Argentina, the delegation also met with Chinese Buddhists and led the Great Compassion Repentance and Shurangama Mantra Sessions, and lectured on the “Exhortation to Bring Forth the Bodhi Resolve” at a local temple, establishing Dharma affinities there.

The delegation returned to the U.S.A. on August 18, bringing with them a letter inviting DRBA to send another delegation to visit Argentina and discuss the Buddha's teachings with them.


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