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【 水鏡回天錄白話解 】


The Venerable Sundarananda

宣化上人講述於一九八六年十一月二十一日金山聖寺 Composed by the Venerable Master Hua on November 21, 1986 at Gold Mountain Monastery
國際譯經學院記錄  Translated by the International Translation Institute







Sundari was a very gentle woman,and Nanda was a very affectionate man.So the two together were like fish and water-they never left each other’s sight.Because of this,Nanda was known as“Sundara’s Nanda.”.Sundari means “beautiful,”exceptionally and captivatingly beautiful;Nanda means“ joy.”That is,he always flattered women and was joyful upon seeing them.He smiled when he saw women,very much delighted.So the two had the same mind.That is they were bound by emotional love.Therefore,when people asked,“Who's Nanda is this?”The answer would be,“He is Sundari’s Nanda.”He was thus distinguished from Nanda the Cowherd and the other Nandas.

This Nanda was the Buddha’s brother by a different mother.He had thirty of the fine hallmarks.That probably had something to do with heritage.The Buddha’s father and mother must have been very handsome,and so their son,the Buddha,was born with the thirty-two fine hallmarks.If the Buddha’s brother were ugly,it would have been like sage-emperor Shun and his evil brother.But Nanda was very handsome.Handsome as he was,he was so infatuated with his wife that he could not bear to be parted from her.He could not leave her,nor could she him.They seemed to have been glued together by Crazy Glue and could not be separated.

The Buddha kept thinking about saving his own brother.And so one day,he took his bowl and went to the royal palace to beg for food from Nanda.When Nanda saw his brother,the Buddha,coming,he had to leave his wife no matter how reluctant he was.Sundari didn’t want him to see the Buddha or offer food to him.So she spat on the floor and said,“Now,you go and make your offering to the Buddha,but be sure to come back before this saliva dries.”Sundara-nanda promised her,saying,“Yes,yes,I will,”and then he went to make an offering to the Buddha.

When he took some food and walked toward the Buddha,the Buddha used his spiritual powers and started moving backwards.Nanda kept walking forward,trying to reach the Buddha and put the food in the Buddha’s bowl.In this way,taking innumerable steps,he followed after the Buddha until they arrived at the abode in Jeta Grove.

When they got there,the Buddha said,“Ah,you have come.So you want to leave the home-1ife and not to go back and live in the palace.Good!I shall fulfill your wish and shave your head.”Thus he was forced to shave his head and leave the home-life.Sundarananda’s heart was filled with dread.but what was he to do?He had not wanted to leave the home—life,but the Buddha had forced him into it.As for returning to lay 1life,he could not find any chance under the scrutinizing eyes of the assembly.What should he do?He kept his eyes open for an opportunity.

To be continued


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