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Quotations of the Venerable Master Hua

Desives and False Thinking

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You object to my saying you are stupid? If you weren’t stupid, then why, once you’ve received the precepts, would you then break them? If you aren’t stupid, then why do you want to do things that you should not do? Just because of craving and desire. You can’t see through love and you can’t put down desire, and so you aren’t at ease.


In this world, there is wealth on the one hand, and sex on the other. These two harm many people who cultivate the Way. If people who cultivate the Way cannot renounce wealth, they will be greedy for it. If they cannot renounce sex, they will be greedy for sex. If you are greedy for wealth and sex, you cannot accomplish your work in the Way.


When people cultivate the Way, they certainly should not indulge in any scattered thinking or false thoughts. If you have false and scattered thoughts, as well as greed, hatred, and stupidity filling up your belly, then you certainly aren’t going to obtain a response, no matter what Dharma-door you cultivate.

修行修什麼?修行就是把我們的妄想修沒有了,欲念修沒有 了,這就是有功夫了。
When we cultivate, what is it that we cultivate? We cultivate to get rid of false thoughts and thoughts of desire. That is real skill.

人為什麼有憂愁恐懼?就是因為人有這愛欲,所以才有憂愁恐 懼;

Why do people worry and feel afraid? Simply because they have love and desire. If we can put an end to love and desire, then we will not have any worries or fears.

你修道不明白道,一邊修,就一邊丟;一邊叫你沒有愛欲,你 這邊愛欲就更多一點。

If you cultivate the Way, but do not understand it, then on the one hand you cultivate, but on the other hand you lose your cultivation. You’re advised not to hold onto any love and desire, but your love and desire keep on increasing! From morning to night, people think about such unclean things as love and desire. They become entangled, so that no matter what they think about, it’s really only variations on that one theme. The water of wisdom becomes turbid in their minds; their wisdom disappears. You cultivate day in and day out, but you don’t realize the fruition, and you don’t see the Way. Why? Because you have thoughts of love and desire. If you didn’t have thoughts of love and desire, you would be able to see the Way quickly.

修道的人見到欲,應該遠著它,如果你能見如不見,聞如不 聞,

People who cultivate the Way should stay away from desire. You should keep your distance from it. You should see as if not seeing, hear as if not hearing.

The eyes contemplate shapes and forms, but inside there is nothing.
The ears hear the world’s sounds, but the mind is not aware of them.

When you reach that point, there is no need to practice keeping your distance. If you can be around sense objects all the time without any problem, then it is all right. But if you can’t handle that, then you should practice keeping your distance.


Ultimately, what meaning is there in the love between men and women? No matter how perfect a person may be on the surface, inside there are all kinds of filth. Urine and excrement collect inside, and the nine apertures constantly flow with impurities. Matter comes out from the eyes, wax from the ears, mucus from the nose, and saliva from the mouth. Then there is urine and excrement. Which of these substances is pure and clean?


That “makes the Way difficult to obtain.” By seeking outside, they will not understand the Way, nor will they be able to encounter it. Since they won’t encounter it, even less will they understand the Way. The longer they run, the farther away they will get.


Ignorance is represented by a dark room. If we have wisdom, the dark room will become bright.


All people can accomplish the Way; everyone is potentially a vessel that can hold the Way. But if you don’t get rid of your mental defilements, you can’t hold the Way. You can’t accomplish the Way.


Although sexual desire is the greatest defilement, there are others. Greed, hatred, stupidity, pride, and doubt are all defilements in your mind. You should get rid of them, and then you will have a response in your
cultivation of the Way. You will be able to return to the source, go back to the origin, and regain your
inherent, pure mind.


For example, some of you say you want to leave the home-life. If you want to leave home, then go ahead and leave home. Why simply talk about it? You’re still just talking about it because you haven’t really made the resolve to leave home. You are just singing a tune.


Cultivators should hear the Dharma and then contemplate it, contemplate the Dharma and then cultivate it, cultivate the Dharma and then realize it. Cultivators should not only be able to discuss or to listen to the
Buddhadharma, they should also able to put it into practice. It only counts when you actually go and do it.

你有過若不能改,那過是永遠存在的;你若能改過自新,罪就 消滅了,沒有了。
If we have offenses and don’t change them, then the offenses always remain with us. If we can reform and make a fresh start, then the offenses disappear.

所有一切萬事萬物,你看它是好,它就會是好;你想它是壞, 那麼就隨心所變。

If you regard the myriad events and things as good, then they are good; and if you regard them as bad, then they will be just as you think of them. Everything is just a manifestation of your mind. Things come forth as a revelation of your true mind. So you shouldn’t be deluded by what is false and illusory. All outer appearances are false and illusory. Only your fundamental nature is true. Don’t be attached to the false and forget about the true.


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