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The Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra with Commentary


Roll 4, Chapter 12, Devadatta

■  宣化上人講     Commentary by the Venerable Master Hua
■  國際譯經學院記錄     Translated by the International Translation Institute



須摩提一想:「我若分給你一半,這我不是少了嗎?」就想一個方法。想什麼方法呢?說是:「靈鷲山那個地方很好玩的,我和你到靈鷲山上去玩一玩啦!」這修毗耶說:「好哇!我也早就想到那個地方去玩一玩的。或者到那個地方去 vacation holiday(度假),或者到那兒去做一個露天的玩耍,或者到那個地方去做一個barbecue(野宴)。」




From last issue: Why did Devadatta oppose Shakyamuni Buddha in order to help him realize the Way?

L ong ago there was a wealthy elder named Xu Tan whose fortune in the seven treasures was abundant. His eldest son was called Xu Moti. Don’t get his name mixed up with Subhuti. When his wife died, the elder Xu Tan remarried and had another son named Xiu Piye by his second wife. When this second son was born, Xu Tan was already advanced in years; and when Xiu Piye reached the age of eighteen, or nineteen or twenty, his father Xu Tan passed away. The two brothers proceeded to divide up their father’s riches. They were trying to decide how much of the riches should go to each of them.

Xu Moti thought to himself, “If I let you have half the riches, then I would have that much less for myself.” So he thought of a plan. He said to his little brother, “Vulture Peak is a lot of fun. Let’s go there and enjoy ourselves!” Xiu Piye said, “Okay! I’ve always wanted to go there for a visit. Maybe we can go there for a vacation or holiday, or have some sort of outdoor game or hold a barbecue there.”

The two brothers discussed it between themselves and decided to go there for a picnic. When they reached the mountain, they started making the ascent. They walked high up into the mountains and came to a mountain ravine. At that point, Xu Moti pushed his younger brother over the edge, so that he toppled down into the ravine, bashing his head and breaking his bones on the rocks below. After throwing some more rocks on top of him to make sure he was dead, Xu Moti went back and appropriated all the family riches for himself.

Who was Xu Moti? You shouldn’t think that Shakyamuni Buddha always did good deeds! He also committed murder in the past. Xu Moti was Shakyamuni Buddha’s former incarnation. And who was Xiu Piye? He was Devadatta’s former incarnation. Who was the elder Xu Tan? He was the former incarnation of King Ajatashatru, the son of Vaidehi, who locked his parents in a jail with seven doors. Life after life, Shakyamuni Buddha had been involved with these people in varying combinations of affinities, and so even after he became a Buddha, they still came and gave him trouble. This chapter doesn’t discuss these events, but it does tell how Devadatta helped the Buddha accomplish Buddhahood.

You could say this was a case of “the suffering of being joined to what you hate” [one of the Eight Sufferings]. Actually, it would be more correct to call it “the happiness of being joined to what you hate”! How is this? The more Devadatta opposed him, the more the Buddha liked it. If they had truly hated one another, they wouldn’t have encountered one another in every life. Since it wasn’t really a case of dislike, life after life they met one another and helped each other. If two people disliked each other and didn’t get along together, they would walk in opposite directions and draw farther and farther apart; they would not walk together. This proves that there was no hatred between the Buddha and Devadatta.

→To be continued

Volunteer Teachers Wanted

萬佛聖城長期徵求大、中、小學各科系義務教師。歡迎有能力、肯發心、不計較,能遵守聖城六大宗旨:不爭、不貪、不求、不自私、不自利、不妄語,願放棄城市生活,投入淡泊而充實的精神生活者。我們也需要體育、童軍、園藝、工藝(雕塑)及住宿輔導等人才。不拘年齡、性別與國籍,有志從事義務教學工作者,請與姜吉甫教授洽談。聯絡辦法:萬佛聖城 Talmage, CA 95481-0217 U.S.A., Tel: (707) 462-0939 信封上請註明「應徵義務教師」。(聖城歡迎義工參與服務,不限學歷)

The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) needs long-term volunteer teachers to teach a variety of courses at the elementary, high school, and university levels. We welcome capable individuals who have a firm resolve, do not crave benefits, and will follow the Six Guidelines of CTTB: not contending, not being greedy, not seeking, not being selfish, not pursuing personal gain, and not lying. People who are ready to leave an urban life-style and want to lead a simple but fulfilling spiritual life are welcome to apply for a volunteer teaching position. We are also looking for people with backgrounds in physical education, gardening, handicrafts, and dormitory counseling. There are no restrictions of age, gender or nationality. Please contact Prof. Chiang Chi-fu at CTTB, Talmage, CA 95481-0217, U.S.A., Tel: (707) 462-0939. Please write: "Application for Volunteer Teaching" on the envelope. Other volunteers are also welcome to join in the work at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, regardless of their educational backgrounds.


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