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末法 —— 白衣為人超渡

Ven. Master Hua's Talk on July 4, 1993 at the Sagely City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
疑惑 記錄 Transcribed by Apprehension

現在末法時代,白衣居然也受人的供養, 也來弘揚佛法。所謂白衣就是在家人, 在家人也居然給人念經, 給人超渡, 向人家去收錢,指佛穿衣, 賴佛吃飯。 可是他不能出家, 騙財騙色, 到處都是, 在家人就想取代出家人,就藉著出家人來賣廣告,來招徠,就像做生意似的。

這麼一來,一些無知的在家人就「 哦!這個大德都來了, 我們這些小德趕快去隨喜功德。 」 啊, 想不到這裡邊是一個陷阱, 就是斂財呢!那個在家人巧用出家人, 就用出家人來做招牌, 實際上在佛教裡頭做佛教的神棍、 騙子, 這到處都是 ,不知有多少這樣的人,那麼我也最討厭這一類指佛穿衣、賴佛吃飯的人。啊,他居然就能給人超渡了,誰超渡他自己呢?不要說在家人,出家人盡給人家趕經懺、超渡亡魂賺錢,這都是有問題的。

所以 說「地獄門前僧道多」,都是這一類趕經懺的,給人家放焰口的。我這一生我不參加趕經懺、放焰口,又什麼打水陸,我都不願參加這個工作,因為我沒有德行,我道不足以感人,德不足以化人,自己還沒超渡好自己,怎麼去超渡亡魂?所以我是沒有那麼大的膽量。現在在家人居然就給人念念經,完了就說有甚麼靈感,見到鬼魂,鬼現身了,又是見到觀音了,就見神見鬼的這一套。

這是 佛教裡頭的蟲子,佛教裡頭的敗類。我不怕人不高興我,我到什麼地方,我都是這樣說的,我是講真理的。你以前見我是盡罵人,現在還是這樣子,沒改變。若這樣一來,將來出家人就都沒有了,誰也不做出家人了,就都做在家人,吃喝玩樂爲所欲爲,又可以賺錢,又可以超渡,就替出家人做代表了,這何樂而不爲,所以也沒有人出家了,這就是法已經亡了。法賴僧傳,在家人有什麼資格來幫人超渡呢!我真不明白。



In this Dharma Ending Age, who would have thought  that the laity would also receive offerings and  propagate the Dharma? But all the same, there are lay  people who recite Sutras and perform ceremonies to  cross over living beings, and then take money for their  work. They rely on Buddhism for the clothes they wear  and the food they eat, yet they have not left the home- life. They cheat people to get money and sex. So now  we find many lay people everywhere trying to replace  left-home people. They take advantage of the Sangha  to solicit people, just like a businessman who seduces  customers into purchasing his products.

In this case, some ignorant lay people are fooled and  think "Ah! such and such a Great Virtuous One has  been here! You should hurry and joyfully support this  merit and virtue!" Ah! they didn't suspect that it was  a trap to collect a great fortune. The trickster simply  uses the left-home person's name as bait; he is actually  a marvelous impostor. There are such people  everywhere. I despise most this kind of person who abuses the good name of Buddhism. Ah!  miraculously, he can take people across? Who is going to cross him over? Since it is still a question whether  or not left-home people who hustle ceremonies and  repentances for a living can achieve their goal, how  much the more is it a question for the lay people!

That's why the saying goes, "Most of the crowd  standing by the gates to the hells, are Buddhist monks  and Taoists. " And this is talking about the Sangha  members who specialize in conducting repentance  ceremonies, "liberating flaming mouth" ceremonies  and the "Water, Land, and Air" Dharma Assembly. In  this life I have never taken part in this kind of work  because I don't have enough virtue. My cultivation is  not enough to transform people; my virtue is  insufficient to influence them. I have not rescued  myself yet, how can I cross ghosts over? Therefore, I  am not that audacious. Lay people these days, much to my surprise, will recite Sutras and transfer the merit  and virtue to the spirits of ancestors. They tell people  afterwards that they got such and such response, that  they had seen ghosts or Gwan Yin Bodhisattva, and  they talk psychic stuff and nonsense.

Such people are parasites; they are rotten dregs in  Buddhism. I am not afraid that people will be unhappy  with me. Wherever I go I make the same comments  and what I say is the Truth. You have seen me  scolding people in the past, and now I have not  changed. If things continue this way, there won't be  any Sangha in the future. Nobody will leave home but  they will all stay home and lead a dissipated and dissolute life. Since they can make money as well as  cross over the deceased, they can replace all the left- home people, who wouldn't be happy? When there  are no more left-home people this will be the  Dharma's end. Since the Dharma is propagated by  the Sangha, what makes the lay people qualified to  cross over living beings? I really don't understand.

Let's just take Taiwan for instance. It has become  very popular for this organization to adopt a really  strange name, and that group to take another weird  name. And the members come around and join up,  maybe a million, or eight hundred thousand, or fifty  thousand, or sixty thousand, at the very least there  will be several thousand members. But the Buddhist  Association established by left-home people has very  few members; they have all gone to join the laity.  What kind of Buddhism is this? In these  organizations, the young male teacher will have a lot  of young women who follow him. These women say,  "Teacher, if you leave the home life, we will leave  home, too. But if you stay home, then we won't leave  home either."

When such a big group of people falls, they will all  fall together in a great multitude; isn't it terrible?  Why would men and women attach to each other so  closely? Everyone says he/she is cultivating for the  Dharma. If you really understand the Dharma then  how could this happen? One who understands will  practice keeping his distance. Why would he want a  whole bunch of women around him, anyway? What is  the purpose of that? If they can be called Buddhists,  then we have really reached the Dharma Ending Age!


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