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Ven. Master Hsuan Hua's Talk at the International Translation Institute on June 9, 1993.

恆河沙 記錄 Transcribed by Heng He-Sha

  Venerable Master Hua, and Burlingame Mayor Harrison.



We are willing to foster and promote education in all places of the world. Presently, the world's education is a failure. Education is the only real defense of a country. If there are no proper youth who can govern the country, then no matter what great weapons a country has, they are useless.

Since the Buddhadharma is the basis of education, we must change the bad customs. We have to educate the whole world properly, so that people have more sense, and are not so unruly. Just take a look at students nowadays. For no apparent reason, they will murder their teachers, and the teachers are afraid to discipline the students. Further, many students start taking contraceptives at a very young age, because they have not been educated properly.

Burlingame Mayor Bud Harrison








It is not that the children are bad from birth, but just that there was no one to teach them. As it is said, "Those who draw near rouge turn red, and those who draw near ink turn black. Those who are dyed green become green, and those who are dyed yellow become yellow." Thus, if a child commits murder, it is the fault of the adults, who did not teach him properly. As a result, the people of this country are very unruly and do not abide by the laws. For example, people have the freedom to possess guns and bombs in this country, and everyone owns a gun. Suppose everyone were to become unruly and start shooting recklessly. Who knows how many people would be shot to death in a single day. If a country's citizens are not law-abiding, then the country is a very dangerous place. Therefore, all humanity should take education as the most important form of national defense.

(Ven. Master Hua's Talk at the Head Office of Dharma Realm Buddhist Association on June 6, 1993)

In coming to this country, I want to do my very best to help the country. Over twenty years ago, there were a lot of hippies and rebels, and quite a few of them left home with me. They had broken the law, smuggled contraband, and peddled drugs, but when they came to my place, they reformed their ways. I did not give them any medicine to get off drugs, but they quit by themselves, and stopped engaging in those activities. Therefore, my hope is that everything will be peaceful, secure, and well here.

In all my life, I have never belonged to any party or faction. I am one with everyone. I am the same with both good people and bad people. I hope that when bad people see me, they will turn over a new life, change their evil ways and become good. That is my wish. Thus I am one with all of humanity throughout the world. I have no racial discrimination, and would never be prejudiced against anyone. Also, in my whole life, I have never taken any money for the work I do. Even when I was still a layperson, I never asked for money from people. Does that mean I did not do any work? Actually, I did all the work there was to do. If I had any strength, I would use it all to help people. I have been this way all my life.

The Six Great Principles of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (no contention, no greed, no seeking, no selfishness, no seeking personal advantage, and no lying) If these are impossible to practice, you should practice it even more. If you don't do it because it is difficult, you will never be able to do it. You should overcome the difficulty. You should be like "the inextinguishable candle in the great gale, and the irreducible lump of pure gold in the smelting furnace." "A hundred blows will not turn my resolve back, and ten thousand difficulties will not make me falter. I don't care what other people think, I have to stick to my principles." That's the kind of attitude that I'd like to propose.

It's the same way everywhere. In places of wealth, it's hard to practice these methods. In places of poverty, it's also hard. But if there are people who can do it, then they can arouse the hearts of the world's people a bit. Otherwise, we will just be slaving away for the sake of money, food, shelter, and enjoyment. This is one point. The worst things in the world are wealth, sex, fame, food and sleep. These five things control us and turn us upside­down until we are completely muddled. There are some people who are not so infatuated with these things, and you could consider them to be the true nobility--those of lofty virtue.


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