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Bodhi Stand

A Carefree Bike Rider
Mrs. Sywun-ru Wang Hu

仁德╱採訪 Interviewed by Ren De


她性格直爽,有丈夫氣概,能擔當,又善於隨機應變,所以才可以在經過種種坎坷的打擊後,一次比一次堅強地站起來,稱得上是女中豪傑。 大陸抗戰期間,她有一次在躲警報時,砲彈擊中防空洞,碎片打傷她的左眼,血眼模糊。當時吃飯都成問題,更何況是醫藥費呢!終於左眼就不能見物了,而且眼球漸漸左斜。臺灣光復,民生改善。美容業大興,但江女士認為這是應受的,也不整容,也不怨天尤人,反而慶幸自己還有右眼,能繼續她所好的繪畫工作。



Mrs. Sywun-ru Wang Hu, known as Mother Hu at the Sagely City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, moved here three years ago with her third son, Howard Hu. The first year she cultivated with the assembly and derived great benefit from the Dharma. The second year she began to concentrate on cultivating virtue and blessings. She would regularly ride her bike to the kitchen to cook up nutritious meals for the elementary and high school students. It is her great delight to promote the benefits of vegetarian food.

Straightforward in character, with the integrity of a hero, she is responsible and adapts easily to change. After each crisis, she stands up stronger than before, and deserves to be called a knight among women.

During the Japanese Resistance in China, she once hid in a bomb shelter. A bomb dropped down, and a shard hit her left eye, blurring her vision. They could barely afford food then, not to mention medical care. Eventually, her left eye became blind and cross-eyed. After peace was restored in Taiwan, living conditions improved. Cosmetic surgery became popular, but Mrs. Hu felt she had just gotten her due, and refused surgery. Instead of complaining about her fate, she is grateful that her right eye still lets her engage in her favorite activity of drawing.

On January 2, 1969, a plane crashed en route from Taipei to Hualien, and among the thirteen dead was her husband of twenty years. Her five sons had not grown up yet. The pain of death and the difficulty of identifying the body were too much to bear. Fortunately, she finally identified her husband. Under the caring concern of good friends, she found the courage to face reality and carry on her responsibilities. At first, her friends introduced her to Christianity and took her to church, but her causes and conditions eventually brought her to Buddhism. Although she appreciated her friends' concern, in her heart she already had firm faith in the Triple Jewel. After hearing how the Buddha first saved the King of Kalinga after his enlightenment, she praised the kindness and compassion of Buddhism. She points out that such great patience under insult is truly ultimate, and is not merely "Turning the other cheek." She hopes all Christian friends will come to understand the Buddha's teachings, for the trichiliocosm of worlds spoken of in Buddhism truly includes everything.

Currently Mrs. Hu is transcribing audio tapes at the Sagely City. By attentively listening to and then writing out their contents, she is benefitting from the Dharma in a more practical way. Mrs. Hu has toiled to raise five sons, enabling them to establish their own families and careers. Now each of the families has a son and a daughter, and they have frequently visited her at the Sagely City in these three years. Feeling that she has fulfilled her life responsibilities, Mrs. Hu would now like to do the things she enjoys most. Living in the pure grounds of the Sagely City, she feels more satisfied and carefree with each passing day.


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