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News from the Dharma Realm

The Dharma Assembly at Gold Summit Sagely Monastery

構思 Gou Sz






一切有為法 如夢幻泡影
如露亦如電 應作如是觀


菩提本無樹 明鏡亦非臺
本來無一物 何處惹塵埃




Gold Summit Sagely Monastery in Seattle and Gold Buddha Sagely Monastery in Vancouver, Canada are a three hours' drive apart from each other.

On June 1st, Gold Summit Sagely Monastery inaugurated the Jewelled Repentance Ceremony of Emperor Lyang. Many laypeople from Gold Buddha Sagely Monastery, though elderly, were still vigorous in spirit. Being deeply devoted to the Dharma, they cultivated energetically during the session. They were sincerely praying for living beings suffering in the evil paths. The laypeople and Dharma protectors from Gold Summit Sagely Monastery were mainly families. Their sincerity was no less than that of guests from afar. They even brought their elders and youngsters from home to join the ceremony.

In view of his disciples' sincerity, the Venerable Master agreed to come speak Dharma in Seattle. In spite of his weak health and tiredness after giving a lecture that morning in Burlingame, our compassionate Ven. Master still travelled by plane on June 7th to Gold Summit Sagely Monastery.

The assembly at Gold Summit Sagely Monastery had not seen the Venerable Master for two years. Many reflected on how compassionate and thoughtful the Venerable Master is, for although he is sick, he never forgets that all living beings need to listen to the Dharma. Consequently, he still came to propagate the Dharma with all his might.

Many people were happy and grateful to the point of tears on seeing the Venerable Master. As usual, before the Venerable Master gave his lecture, he let his disciples first practice speaking the Dharma. Dharma Master Ming Jau then bowed to the Venerable Master to request the Dharma. The Venerable Master began speaking Dharma in a humorous vein, and the assembly was delighted to the end.

At 6:00 p.m, after the Dharma talk, there was a brief ceremony in which four Dharma Protectors were led by four Dharma Masters to invite the Venerable Master to ascend the seat to speak Dharma. The eight kinds of treasures-censer, candles, incense, food, fruit, flowers, cloth and pure water were offered to the Triple Jewel in the opening ceremony. At 7:00 p.m., the three refuges and five precepts were transmitted to around twenty devotees.

At 11:00 the next morning, the same Dharma Protectors performed a traditional ceremony to invite the Venerable Master to speak Dharma. The Venerable Master said:

"The sky and the earth are the inn of the myriad things.
Time is the guest of a hundred generations.
Life is as fleeting as dream.
How much time do we still have left to enjoy?
The ancients held candles and wandered in the night;
Which is not without good reason.

Wealth and honor are a springtime dream at dawn.
Merit and fame are like floating clouds.
The offspring before you are not real.
Love and affection turn to hatred.
Don't drape your neck with golden shackles.
Don't bind your body with jade chains.
Purify the mind, lessen desires, shake off defiling dust.
The happy life is your own share."

Now, at Gold Summit Monastery, are Dharma protectors Chen Han-Ming, Wang Gwo-Xing, Liao Yang Gwo-He, Wang Gwo-Jou, are requesting the Dharma. Here is what I have to say:

Comtemplate the myriad things in stillness;
All are self-contained.
The four seasons are wonderful and joyous;
Share them with others.
All conditioned Dharmas,
Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles and shadows;
Like dew drops and a lightning flash;
Contemplate them thus.

The Great Master, the Sixth Patriarch said,

Originally, Bodhi has no tree,
The bright mirror has no stand,
Originally, there is not a single thing.
Where can dust alight?

If you understand this four-line verse, then you are no different from the Buddha. Even so, you still have to diligently go forward with courage and vigor, in order to awaken to the wonderful meaning.

With wisps of cloud and gentle breeze, noontime is approaching.
Flowers are beside me, as I follow the willows and the stream flows before me.
The people around are not aware of the happiness in my heart.
They think I take time off to act like a child again.

After lunch, the assembly packed up and prepared to go home. At 4:00 p.m., they left Gold Summit Sagely Monastery. Even though the propagation of the Dharma had adjourned, everyone could still feel the bliss of Dharma in their hearts.


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