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Reflections in Water and Mirrors:
Turning Back the Tide of Destiny

宣化上人著 Commentary by Venerable Master Hua
國際譯經學院記錄 Translated by the International Translation Institute


天竺國人,內秘菩薩行,外現聲聞身,自調「我顧無學,其猶洟唾,志求佛果,不趨小徑。」此時,貴霜王朝之迦膩色迦王,採納脅尊者建議,重結集三藏。恐龍蛇混雜,乃宣曰:「證聖果者留下 。」其數甚多,復宣曰:「內窮三藏,外達五明。」亦有四百九十九位羅漢。於迦濕羅國(罽賓)建寺,正欲結集時,世友菩薩忽至,欲參結集,眾羅漢拒之。空中唱曰:「尊者證佛果,繼承彌勒位,為娑婆佛主,為三界至尊。」於是共推為上首,結集三藏,各十萬偈,馬嗚大士為潤色。後為《大毗婆沙論》,以梵文記於赤銅鍱。北傳經典以梵文為主。

贊 曰:
結集經藏 須入聖流 四百九九 羅漢聚首 譯經開始 忽來世友 龍天傳報 作獅子吼

世人之友一菩薩 傳佛心印走天涯 結集經藏為法主 著作妙論毗婆沙
普度眾生到彼岸 接引有情上蓮華
釋門棟樑功勳廣 既能自度又覺他



東晉時,餘杭人,俗姓王,七歲出家,十六歲薙染。初依止廬山遠公,復親近關中羅什,學習《法華》。後於秦望山結茅篷,專誦《妙法蓮華經》為功課,精進復精進。十二年後,一日,來一女子,身披彩衣,手提竹籃,內盛小白豬,另有四莖蒜。至師前曰: 「入山採薇,日夕迷途,且借一宿,明晨即行。」師不允,女哀泣。師憐之,令宿草床。夜半,女呼腹痛,請師治療,師以杖頭裹布,遙為觸摩之。次晨,彩衣變七色祥雲,小白豬化六牙白象,四莖蒜生四色蓮華,凌空而上,示現普賢菩薩法相,謂師曰:「吾乃普賢也,特來相試,汝心清淨,當為吾眾」。冉冉上升而去。

贊 曰:
妙法蓮華 因種果發 一心持誦 忘你我他
六牙白象 四色奇葩 普賢示現 汝速回家

聽經聞法種善根 脫除異類復人身身
親近遠公習聖教 追隨童壽入僧倫
秦望山中誦妙典 普賢住處顯密文
精修梵行持淨戒 涉水不溺火難焚

Bodhisattva Shr You
(Friend of the World)
June 25, 1988

He was a native of India. Secretly practicing the Bodhisattva conduct internally, externally he manifested the body of a Sound Hearer. He said of himself, "I consider those without learning to be just like spittle. I am determined to seek the fruition of Buddhahood, and not take the small path."

At this time, Emperor Kanishka of the Imperial Dynasty of Kushana accepted the suggestion of the Venerable Parshva to recompile the Tripitaka. Fearing that the dragons and snakes would mingle together, he announced, "Only those who have certified to the Sagely fruition may remain."

The number remaining was so great that he then announced, "Only those who have thoroughly learned the Tripitika and penetrated the Five Clarities may remain." There were still four hundred and ninety-nine Arhats. In the country of Ksapira, they established a monastery. Just as they were about to begin compiling, Bodhisattva Shr You suddenly arrived and wanted to participate in the compilation. All the Arhats refused to allow it.

A voice in empty space called out, "The Venerable One has certified to the fruition of Buddhahood. He will inherit Maitreya's position and become the host Buddha of the Saha world, and the Most Honored One in the Triple Realm. " Thereupon they all elected him to be their supreme leader. In the compilation of the Tripitaka, each pitaka (basket) consisted of a hundred thousand verses, which were given the final polish by the Great Knight Asvaghosha. Afterwards it became the Maha-Vibhasha Shastra, and was recorded in Sanskrit on copper plates. Sanskrit was the main language used in the sutras of the Northern Transmission.

A verse in praise says:
Those compiling the Sutra Treasury were required to have entered the sagely flow. Four hundred and ninety-nine Arhats put their heads together
As the translation of the Sutras began shr You suddenly arrived.
The dragons and gods made an announcement, then he gave the Lion's Roar.

Then a verse says:
As a friend of worldly people, a Bodhisattva
Transmitted the Buddha's Mind Seal and roamed to the ends of the heavens.
In the compilation of the Sutra Treasury, he acted as Dharma host.
They composed the wonderful Vibhasha.
Universally crossing living beings over to the other shore, he receives and guides sentient ones onto lotus flowers.
With extensive merit, he is a pillar in the Shakyan door.
He is able to save himself and enlighten others as well.

Dhyana Master Tan Yi
July 1, 1988

A native of Yu Hang in the time of Eastern Jin, his lay surname was Wang. He left home at age seven, and shaved his head and donned the sash at age sixteen. At first he followed the Venerable Ywan of Lu Mountain. Then he drew near Kumarajiva in Gwan Jung, and studied the Dharma Flower. Afterwards, he built a hut at Chin Wang Mountain, and concentrated on the practice of reciting the Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra with intense vigor.

One day twelve years later, a colorfully dressed woman came by. She carried a bamboo basket containing a small white piglet and four stalks of garlic. Going before the Master, she said, "I came into the mountains to gather ferns, and lost my way at dusk. Please give me a night's lodging, and I will leave tomorrow morning." The Master refused, and the woman wept sorrowfully. Pitying her, the Master allowed her to rest on a bed of straw.

In the middle of the night, the woman called out that her stomach was aching, and requested the Master to treat her. The Master wrapped the head of a cane with cloth, and used it to massage her from a distance.

The next morning, her colorful dress was transformed into seven-colored auspicious clouds. The small white piglet turned into a white elephant with six tusks. The four stalks of garlic became four-colored lotus flowers. Leaping up into space, the woman manifested the Dharma appearance of Universal Worthy Bodhisattva, and said to the Master, "I am Universal Worthy Bodhisattva, and I came especially to test you. Your mind is pure, and you shall become part of my assembly." Gradually she ascended and disappeared.

A verse in praise says:
The Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower - the cause is planted, and the fruit is produced.
Singlemindedly upholding and reciting it, You, I, and he are all forgotten.
A white elephant of six tusks, rare blooms of four colors.
Universal Worthy manifests; quickly you return home.

Another verse says:
Listening to Sutras and hearing the Dharma, one plants wholesome roots.
Liberated from another species, one regains a human body.
Drawing near the Venerable
Ywan to study the sagely teaching,
He then followed the Youth of Long Life to enter the
Sangha order.
In the Mountain of Chin Wang, he recited the wonderful scriptures,
And Universal Worthy displayed the secret meaning at his abode.
Vigorously cultivating Brahma conduct and upholding pure precepts,
He can wade through water without drowning and fire cannot burn him.


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