Translated by Bhiksu Heng Yo
Reviewed by Sramanerika Kuo Jing
Drawings by a student of Prajna

Received by the Elder Master Te Lin #55

As the Master approached the gates of Hung Fu Monastery, the Elder Master Te Lin saw him bowing along the snowy road. He went out to greet him, and said, "Would the Venerable Master care to rest here in our monastery?" He told a disciple to bring in the Master's bag. The Elder Master was impressed, and treated his guest with deference. The Master bathed and changed clothes. After tea and food had been served, the Elder Master asked him, "Where are you going?"

"P'u T'o Mountain," said the Master.

The Gatha says:

The Elder Master Te Lin

Received the virtuous bhiksu.

He welcomed and praised the Master Yun

As a very important guest.

The Elder Master was greatly inspired

And treated him with deference.

After refreshments he politely asked

"Where is the Master going?"