Composed by Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua
Translated by Bhiksu Heng Yo
Reviewed by Sramanerika Kuo Jing
Drawings by a student of Prajna

Following the Footprints with Renewed Vigor  #54

The Master followed in reverse order the tracks Wen Chi had made when he came. Since the snow was quite deep, the Master could not bow as before, but he paid his respects while looking at each footprint. He progressed 20 miles in this way. Upon reaching Hsiao Chin Mountain, he spent the evening at the monastery there. Of the hardships the Master encountered during his travels, he did not mention even a word. The following day, he resumed his bowing, and proceeded 20 more miles through Meng Hsien and arrived at Huai Ch'ing (Ch'in Yang).

The Gatha says:

Paying his respects while looking at the tracks

The Master's trip progressed.

Absorbed in his work, he made his way

And arrived at Hsiao Chin Mountain.

With constant effort and energy

He got to Meng and Ch'ing.

Of the numerous hardships he underwent

Not a word was spoken.