Healing as a Transcultural Mode

A two-day seminar exploring the synergistic interaction of rapidly evolving holistic healing practices in therapeutic touch and the traditional Buddhist methods of meditation. Coming from the East and coming from the West we approach the center.

With: Dolores Krieger, R.N., Ph.D.

Professor of nursing Education at New York University. About ten years ago several Western medical scientists began investigating the use of touch as an effective therapeutic technique. Dr. Krieger has been a forerunner in this research, lecturing at universities and for professional organizations in the health field throughout the country. Dr. Krieger is Co-Chairperson of the Council of Nurse Healers. She has led several teams of nurse-healers into hospitals at the request of hospital administrators to teach staff nurses therapeutic touch.


Instructors from the Buddhist Sangha, fully ordained monks and nuns in the Buddhist tradition, will provide practical instruction in the art of Buddhist Meditation. Participants will be encouraged to meditate and to share their questions and experiences in group discussion. General instructions in Buddhist philosophy will complement the actual meditations, as the meditation will enrich the classes in Therapeutic Touch. Participants will be able to observe and interact with a traditional Buddhist community and its practices within the spacious grounds of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

      What makes us healthy? What is the real cause of disease? For centuries, Buddhism has taught that the universe is but a creation of the mind, and that greed, hatred and delusion are the deadly toxins out of which the myriad diseases arise. Buddhist meditation serves as a catalyst for transforming these destructive forces. It channels human energies into pathways of morality, clarity, and true wisdom. If we are to be truly effective in curing the ills, which beset ourselves, society, and the world, we must not forget to look within our minds, which is where that work begins.

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH is a healing practice derived from the ancient tradition of the laying on of hands. The body of knowledge presented in this workshop will include transcultural concepts of a vital human energy system and current research on these concepts. A framework for theory development will be offered. The cultural traditions from which the healing-practice methods are derived will be discussed.

Send application to: Therapeutic Touch
                                          PO Box 217
                                          Talmage, CA 95418

Send application to: Therapeutic Touch
                                          PO Box 217
                     Talmage, CA 95418


Tuition $75.00 per person

continuing education units MAY BE OFFERED

BEGINS Monday EVE, June 19, 7;00 PM.








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****NOTE: Participants will be expected to refrain from smoking, taking alcoholic beverages or intoxicants

The three daily meals will be vegetarian. Housing will be provided for single adults and married couples only. Participants are asked to bring their own bedding, flash light and cushion. Loose, comfortable clothes are advisable. No pets, please.

Enclosed find $20.00 down payment in cash( ) check( ) money order( ).

Transportation fee: Enclosed find $12.00 in cash( ) check( ) for round-trip bus transportation from Gold Mountain Monastery, 1731 15th St. San Francisco, to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Bus leaves from Gold Mountain Monastery at exactly 3:00 p.m., Monday, June 19.