Former President, Pacific Oaks College

Professor Morgenroth: "I've been on a long journey. I have had many gifts. Many of those have come back to me in my memories here at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. I am very grateful to the Abbot and to this company of people for the renewal and refreshment, which I feel every time I come here and which sustains me when I am away.

      I was helped greatly by one teacher who told me, "There is only one God in the universe. There is only one power in the universe and that power is God or whatever you call its name." This teacher was our grandmother and if we ever left out "whatever you call its name" she reminded us to put it back and this freed us in many ways to grow up in our own tradition firmly grounded but with an openness always 

to the unknown and to anywhere where we could touch the power which was a part of our lives and with which we were familiar. This has been a great gift to us, to me. I touch that power when I come into this company."

Comments by the Venerable Abbot and Chancellor Hua 
translated by Sramanerika Kuo Jing

Exhausting empty space and the Dharma realm is one country. Exhausting empty space and the Dharma realm is one person. Exhausting empty space and the Dharma realm is one mind. Exhausting empty space and the Dharma realm is one nature. Just now Prof. Morgenroth said there is a certain power, that there is a certain Godhead. This power is the nature, our nature. It is just the mind. It is just the person. It is just that country. Originally there was just one power, however because of time people started to make divisions in it. Originally there was only one country and they divided it into many countries. Originally there was just one person and they divided it to become many persons. Originally there was only one mind and they divided it into many minds. Originally there was just one nature and they divided it into many natures.

So with what was originally pure, clear and quiet, the pure originally source, the wonderful nature of true suchness, we have divided it so that it is now you people, living beings, and a life span. So it has been split into many parts. Once it is divided into many then you will have a lot of trouble. When the trouble comes, people forget their original quiet joy, the joy of quiet extinction. They become greedy for conditioned dharmas, so that once the bliss of unconditioned dharma is forgotten, they latch on to the conditioned dharmas themselves.

Once attached to conditioned dharmas they will bring forth greed, hatred, and stupidity. So greed, anger and stupidity arise. At the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas we want to get rid of the greedy mind, the angry mind, the stupid mind. However, whatever we do we have to aim for the benefit of all without any selfishness, so that we'll be placed in the middle and not biased to either side. We don't want to take advantage of other people and they shouldn't take advantage of us. This is our principle. Prof. Morganroth has already understood these problems. That's why he decided to come to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas to work with us, to teach and transform the people in the world so that they will get rid of their greed anger and stupidity.

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