Everyone who invites a Buddha to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas will amass tremendous merit and virtue. If one dedicates a Buddha image to a relative or friend, that person will also receive unreckonable blessings.

Eventually the Kuan Yin Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas will be graced with ten thousand Venerable images, each sponsored by sincere and respectful disciples of the Buddha and friends of the Dharma. Anyone who wishes to sponsor a Buddha image, to invite a Buddha, can do so.

Specifically, there are eleven meritorious virtues derived from making or sponsoring Buddha images:

1. Life after life you will have clear vision.

2. You will be born in a place devoid of evil.

3. You will always be born in a noble family.

4. Your body will be purple-golden in color.

5. You will possess an abundance of wealth.

6. You will be born in a worthy and good family.

7. You can be born as a king.

8. You can be a Wheel-turning king.

9. You can be born in the Brahma heavens and live for an aeon.

10. You will not fall into the evil paths.

11. In future lives you will still be able to revere the Triple Jewel.

So, hearing of these eleven meritorious virtues, if you are able, you should make more Buddha images. If you make Buddha images your appearance will be perfect and full. Why is a Buddha's appearance so perfect and full? It is because for three great aeons he made uncountable Buddha images.

But in making Buddha images, we should not do it in order to get handsome so people will fall in love with us. We should cultivate our blessings and cultivate our wisdom and then in the future we can realize Buddhahood. That should be our motive."

-Venerable Master Hua's commentary
on the Dharma Flower Sutra.