Everyone in the world has his or her own responsibilities to fulfill, but most people do not recognize their responsibilities, and so neglect them. If they really recognized them, then they would do the things that benefit other people. Provided it was of benefit, they would rush to do it. Anything that was of benefit for Other people they would do fast, hut if it were beneficial to themselves, they would do it slowly. That is, what is important one should do fast. The ancients took "all under heaven" as their responsibility, but their "all under heaven" they only recognized to be China. They did not expand their scope to include the entire world. At the present time, people's thinking and their scope must be enlarged. People are now seeing what they have never before seen, and hearing what they have never before heard. There are strange and wondrous miracles of science as spiritual penetrations of the human nature manifest from people's wisdom. This is the progress of human kind.  But people progress, and then they fall back.

For example, people's thinking has been enlarged, but their Way virtue has declined a great deal. So now we want to find a solution to this, and nurture the light of people's Way virtue, the light of their culture, and the light of their thinking. Their thinking cannot be selfish or partisan. Why are there wars? It is just because people are too selfish. They are out to benefit themselves, not others. There is war because people fight for profits. If there weren't concern over profits, there would be no wars. So now Dharma Realm Buddhist University is being established in the hope of influencing youth not to be selfish. Everyone should be very public-spirited and not selfishly motivated. Then without effort this world will be peaceful. What is needed is a fundamental change in people's habits of mind. The young people of this country are not filial and they need to be encouraged to develop filial piety to help solve the problems, which face this world.

--the Venerable Master Hua