On the thirteenth of August, the Venerable Master and a following of the four-fold assembly responded to the invitation of Lap Hoc Ha (Kuo Cheng) and his wife Lucha Bui (Kuo Ren), family, and friends to received offerings. The Gold Mountain assembly was greeted by their hosts with respectful obeisance and then escorted up the street to the host's home in a colorful procession of incense, flowers, flags, canopies, and the traditional temple chants' and bells of Buddhism from Vietnam.

After offering the Master an adorned seat before the family altar, the host and hostess knelt and expressed their joy at being able to meet the Master, take refuge with him, serve him, study beneath his seat, and on this day to make offerings to him In their home. Kuo Ren spoke with great sincerity of how precious the time with the Master is and how fortunate those who have take refuge with him are to be able to encounter one of Great Compassion and be able to hear the Dharma. She vowed to serve the Master faithfully and hoped for the day when she could dedicate her entire life to the Buddhadharma.

Following the High Meal Offering, a vegetarian feast, Vietnamese-style, was served.  Those who hosted the offering include Kuo Cheng and Kuo Ren, Chinh Hoc Ha, Phuong Mai Ha, Anhdao Ha, Le Hoc Ha, Kimphuong Le, Jiem-phuong Ha, Thi Hoc Ha, Conna Ha, Anhthu Ha, Thanhtuyen Ha, and the Dong Huo Cao family. Later the Ha family and friends came to Gold Mountain where four of them took refuge and Kuo Cheng made offerings toward a large temple bell which will soon arrive at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

The Ha Family and friends welcome the Venerable Master and members of the Gold Mountain assembly to a vegetarian offering in the full ceremonial style.