Guess What?--A True Story


"Yes, operator. Hello?"

"Hi. Happy Mother's Day. What's happening?"

"Nothing much. We're going to the club for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Did I tell you that Grandpa's brother is in the hospital with cancer?"

"Oh, no."

"He's Grandpa's only living relative, you know, and he's over eighty. The doctors say he hasn't long to live. Grandma and Grandpa visit him every day and...


Dear Grandma,

Sorry I haven't written. I've been busy at Gold Mountain. I was sorry to hear about Grandpa's brother. You and Grandpa should recite the Buddha's name for him--"Namo Amitabha Buddha." Amitabha Buddha has made a vow to help all who recite his name sincerely. I'm sending you these beads to use when you recite...


"Hi, Mom. When are you coming to San Francisco?"

"We had to postpone the trip. Oh, and Grammie called last week and read me your letter. She was quite thrilled with it. And guess what? You're not going to believe this."


"Grandpa's brother doesn't have cancer after all."


"The doctors say they diagnosed it wrong. It turns out he has something wrong with his red blood cells, but it's not serious. He'll be okay in a week or so. Isn't that something?"



"Did they recite the Buddha's name?"


"Did Grandma and Grandpa recite the Buddha's name like I suggested?"

(Pause) "You know--I don't know."


Truly recognize your own faults,

And don’t discuss the faults of others.

Others’ faults are just your own—

Being one with everyone is called great compassion.

-Composed by Ch’an Master Hua