For one hundred and eight days, novices at Gold Mountain and the International Institute for the Translation of Buddhist Texts participated in an intensive precept platform which culminated in the spectacular and unprecedented transmission of the Complete Precepts at Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain, City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

      During the training period the novices bowed "vows" several hours a day, reciting the name of our original teacher Shakyamuni Buddha while prostrating themselves before the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Ten Directions in order to eradicate their obstructions from offenses they may have committed in the past.

      Classes in Vinaya training were held daily and novices were required to memorize the mantras and verses of the Daily Vinaya, as well as the Shramanera Precepts. As is traditional with those who leave the home life at Gold Mountain, the shramaneras and shramanerikas were also required to memorize the Shurangama Mantra.

      On August 30th the Great Assembly gathered at The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas to protect and support the secret transmission of the complete Precepts by the Three Masters and Seven Certifiers.

      Clothed in the magnificent red and gold robes of a High Master, the Venerable Master Hsuan-hua, Precept Transmitter; the Venerable Master Hui-seng, Karmadana; and the Venerable Master Tao-yuan, Teaching Transmitter gave the customary afternoon instruction before the entire assembly after receiving formal request from the shramaneras and shramanerikas to transmit the Complete Precepts.

      The evening transmission, held upon the completely screened precept platform, was conducted by the Three Masters and certified by Seven Acharyas: Dharma Master Wu-ming, Dharma Master Chen-hua, Dharma Master T'ai-an, Dharma Master Chih-tu, Dharma Master Chen Kuang, Dharma Master Heng-Kuan, and Dharma Master Hung-ju.

      On October 10th the Bodhisattva Precepts were transmitted, thereby completing the 108-day platform.

      The newly ordained sanghans are Bhikshus Fa Kuang, Heng K'ung, Heng Sure, Heng Shun, Heng Lyou, Heng Lai, and Bhikshunis Heng Chen, Heng Chu, Heng Ch'ing, and Heng Shou.

The Three Masters and Seven Cortifiers who will transmit the precepts are formally requested to come to the precept platform by selected novices. The ten high masters are shown
here in procession as they respond to that request.

Shown above are the shramaneras and shramanerikas. the novice monks and nuns, being lead by ordained bhikshus to the precept platform during the transmission of the Complete Precept of the Thousand Buddhas at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.