The Los Angeles Branch of the Sino-American Buddhist Association has been established at 5743 Huntington Drive, Los Angeles, CA., a location, which is both convenient of access and beautiful. Our aim is to provide a center where a wide range of Buddhist activities will be made available to the general public, as well as providing a place and the opportunities for carrying on activities beneficial to society in general. The Los Angeles Branch of the Association will be operated under the jurisdiction of all-applicable laws and ordinances.

      The President of the Association is the Abbot of Gold Mountain Monastery in San Francisco, the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, who plans to visit the center every month and speak the Dharma. The opportunity to hear the Master speak is a rare one and should not be missed.

      The public is also invited to participate in the following classes scheduled for November and December 1976: Meditation; Ch'an Buddhism; Taoist Theories and Practice; Introduction to Geomancy, Physiognomy, and Prognostication; and Buddhist Ceremonies and Liturgical Music.

      We hope that all interested people will feel free to attend. Inquiries should be directed to Helen Woo at (213) 256-1131, or Alice Wong, (213) 628-8217. 

     LA Branch of the Sino-American Buddhist Association 5743 Huntington Drive Los
     Angeles, California 90032.

Truly recognize your own faults,

And don’t discuss the faults of others.

Other’s faults are just your own—-

Being one with everyone is called great compassion.

      -composed by Ch’an Master Hua