Introducing the Eminent
Dharma Master

Great Master Hsing Yun

      Great Master Hsing Yun was born in Chiangtu, Chiangsu Province, July 22, 1922. In his childhood he diligently applied himself to the study of Buddhist writings and acquired an extensive knowledge of Buddhism and a profound understanding of its principles. He left home as a young child and later graduated from the Chi Hsia Shan Vinaya Institute and the Chao Shan Buddhist Institute. The temples located on these mountains are famous throughout China, and the institutes established under their jurisdiction enjoy renown as the foremost Buddhist educational centers in China; a majority of the most erudite bhikshus of China studied at these institutes, including Great Master Hsing Yun. While still residing in Mainland China, the Venerable Master Hsing served as the principal of an elementary school and the editor of a magazine.

      Upon moving to Taiwan, the Master Hsing has brought forth the Bodhi mind to promote Buddhist education and propagate the Dharma on a vast scale. During the past several years he has established Chih Kuang Commercial School in Taipei, Lei Yin Temple in Ilan, Jen Ai Asylum for the poor, Shou Shan Temple in Kaohsiung, and Fo Kuang Temple in Ta Shu City. The Eastern Buddhist College and Ta Tz'u Kindergarten were also founded under his auspices. All of these organizations are administered by the Fo Kuang Committee, of which the Venerable Hsing is the head. Great Master Hsing Yun personally designed the buildings on Fo Kuang Mountain and planned the layout of the area so as to enhance the natural beauty of the mountain and its inspirational appeal.

      In 1963 the Venerable Hsing led a delegation of Chinese Buddhists to visit many countries in Southeast Asia and had audiences with many heads of state. Most recently he was the leader of a tour of the Chinese Buddhist Association which visited Gold Mountain Monastery.