Dharma Master I Yuan was born in Tainan, Taiwan, in 1946 and was given the name Lin Ch'iu Chin. By the time she was in her early twenties she had left the home-life and had begun studying the Teaching School. She has become so fond of studying the Sutras, Shastras, and Vinaya that her hands are never without a book. For the sake of learning she will even forget to eat; she never wastes a minute.

      Dharma Master I Yuan is very public-minded in her practice of the Way and always tries to do things which will benefit others. Of peaceful and pleasant disposition, she does her best to help her classmates with their study so they too can taste the flavor of Dharma in the Sutras with the same delight she does.

      Having successfully completed several years of study, Dharma Master I Yuan graduated from the Eastern Buddhist Academy at Buddha's Light Mountain, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China in June of 1971.



THE THOUSAND HANDED THOUSAND EYES GREAT COMPASSION HEART DHARANI SUTRA. A secret school sutra explaining the function of the Great Compassion Mantra, which brings happiness, peace, and health. The commentary by the Venerable Master Hua is clear and enlightening in its explanation of this great mantra of Avalokiteshvara, Kuan Yin, and Bodhisattva. Phrases of the mantra are illustrated with finely detailed woodcuts of spiritual and ghostly beings connected with the mantra and explained in verses composed by the Venerable Master Hua. In his commentary the Master explains how the mantra counteracts witchcraft, demonic forces, epidemics, illnesses, natural disasters, and other such manifestations of individual and collective karma and how it helps put the mad mind to rest. Paperbound. $5.95. Available in the fall.