Recently thirteen more people took refuge with the Triple Jewel and bowed to the Venerable Master as their teacher. Those who took refuge include the Phillips family from Hamilton Air Force Base, who faithfully join the Gold Mountain assembly for lectures and sessions despite the long distance they must travel, and who regularly support the Triple Jewel; Wade and Joan Eilrich, brother and sister from Santa Clara, California, who recently hosted a Dharma assembly in Central Park, Santa Clara (see VBS #69); The Cao family from Berkeley who join in the help of welcoming Vietnam refugees when they come to Gold Mountain and of translating the teachings into Vietnamese for those who need it; Susan Rounds, author and educator from Angwin, California who daily studies the Sutras in her home, has begun practicing meditation regularly, attends lectures, holidays, and sessions at Gold Mountain every week, and continues at the same time to work toward her Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley; Morris Kaplan of San Francisco who, upon meeting the Master and finding Gold Mountain, gave up all his worldly possessions and way of life to come to Gold Mountain and has begun full-time cultivation of the Way; Chung Chi-yao from Richardson, Texas, who came to San Francisco to look for a Buddhist temple and teacher, and immediately upon arriving at Gold Mountain and meeting the Master, asked to take refuge and resolved to protect and support the growth of the Proper Dharma in the West.


The 1976 celebration of Shakyamuni Buddha's birth will be held both at the International Institute for the Translation of Buddhist Texts located at 3636 Washington Street in San Francisco, and at Gold Mountain Monastery, located at 1731 15th Street in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Starting at 9AM on Sunday May 2nd, 1976, there will be chanting and meditation at the Institute. A vegetarian lunch will be served to those who make reservations and arrive before 9AM. Following the meal Dharma talks will be given and a special ceremony for bathing the infant Buddha image will be held. At 3Pm activities at the Institute will recess and recommence at Gold Mountain at 4 PM with more chanting, meditation, talks, and festivities until 10 PM. Everyone is welcome to come.