20th October 1975

Dear Bhiksu Heng Kuan,

      Your letter of September 29th and the two books ("A General explanation of the Amitabha Sutra: and World Peace Gathering") arrived during the first week of October. Many many thanks for these wonderful books which I thoroughly enjoyed. The various articles in "world Peace Gathering" contained so many interesting facts and are written with such great humor that I can hardly put it down after starting the first page... The triumphant 1100 miles, 3 steps-1 Bow Journey accomplished by Bhiksu Heng Ju and Bhiksu Heng Yo and to everyone at Gold Mountain Monastery.

      Criticism of these excellent translations I would not dare, as among all you eminent Great Knowledgeable Advisors, I am nobody. However, there is one little fact which you may like to know. On page xi of "A General Explanation of the Amitabha Sutra," near the bottom it reads: "...Nan Hua Monastery in Canton Province..."

Canton ()is only a provincial city of Kwangtung 
Province ()in the southern part of China, it is more appropriate to say "...Nan Hua Monastery in Kwangtung Province..."

The translation is superb and the Venerable Master's wonderful explanations truly help to deepen my comprehension of this sutra and broaden my limited knowledge of Buddhadharma which I am most grateful to have had the luck to encounter.

      Thank you once again for these wonderful books and my best wishes to all of you at Gold Mountain Monastery.

                                      Sincerely yours in Dharma.
                                                                            Jane Choa
                                                                            Kowloon, Hong Kong